Thursday, December 20, 2012


three days of spirit renewal….new beginnings as the past baggage is released…. One looks up, ahead, yet grounded in the present. The awareness and the actions of the present determines the future. Finding the balance between the alone time, and time spent in the company of others keeps the inner equilibrium. It is time to nurture and be nurtured. Where the giving and the receiving does not tilt the balance of inner power…. Private ritual, or communal gathering? Alone time, in contemplation and journalling to sharing of the space? "The longest journey from the mind to the heart"! how often do i travel this path, what do i see on this path, the roses or the thorns? Sit here in the middle of the rainforest, the rain falls, each stream is a blessing, and sometimes tears; the grass and the earth soaks it all in…. From the source of the fountain, i give you all my heart and its blessings…live, love and laugh...

What to do?

?Undo the mental conditioning... ?Condition the body... Both challenging...knowing which challenge to follow, when? The balance is the free will

Friday, September 21, 2012

Fall Equinox

Fall for 2012 begins in the Northern Hemisphere on September 22, 10:49 A.M. EDT, in Costa Rica that would be 8:49 am. On the first day of fall—the autumnal equinox—day and night are each about 12 hours long (with the actual time of equal day and night, in the Northern Hemisphere, occurring a few days after the autumnal equinox). The Sun crosses the celestial equator going southward; it rises exactly due east and sets exactly due west. And so on with the facts and figures…

Comes a time for reflection, maybe a time for drawing the warmth of longer evenings, or withdrawing in to shorter ones.

Beyond our thoughts, arising from the left hemisphere of the brain, comes the space to find the silence of existence…
the falling leaves,
the impermanence of life,
the passage of time and the changing of seasons…
to have lived each season to its fullest, learned lifes' lessons, loved with ones' heart, the passion in the doing and in being…

a message received in meditation, sounds so simple, so direct "accept and move"… a dream that a return is not always to the known, that in not remembering lies a freshness, a new life and a new world…to borrow these lines from Khalil Gibran: "And what is it but fragments of your own self you would discard that you may become free?"

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Goodbye Valentine

The selling of the house, culminated in the last final days before the keys were handed over to the new buyer; exactly a week back, a doubt had crept up on hearing that the buyer was scrambling to another institution for mortgage. Its affect on me and the path of my journey would be diverted if the house did not close.

The evening before the close, Asim, Kamila, Jafer, Catherine came over, together we felt the energy of the home; As over the years, around the kitchen counter our favourite space we chatted, sharing our feelings, apprehension and anticipation that all goes well for the closing. Emotions of wanting to let go and allowing oneself to feel the sadness of release. Humans we are…

All went well, I trust life was asking me to be with the trust…

With a smile, and a tinge of a heavy heart was the last time I pulled away from the driveway; gratitude to a home that had housed forms of life and living, many connections and memories made in the home we fondly refer to as "Valentine"…a friend had once joked when I worked at Fidelity: "you live on valentine and work for fidelity, nice!"

Memories, remains of the past,
Become a collection of thoughts and life is an imprisonment,
Release that thought, find freedom,
I live to exist, or life lives through me,
Fear versus love.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

one more life form

August 25

How many lifetimes shared?
Is not a question I ask, only an affirmation.

The life I remember;
Fulfilled, complete, together again.

The body and the soul says"yes",
To us, to travel as one

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

spirit journey

the brain, the mind or the hormone

each plays its part in guiding to complete this karmic cycle…


a voice cries out,
is this the strangled soul, or the captive spirit;
crying to be heard, restless to be released.

Released, it knows no bounds
soaring, rising, the breath holds this body, life rides on each breath.

awareness,the guide the spirit, is free
to live, to be, to love to cherish

peering into eyes, souls meet
there is no expectation, no boundary but to rejoice in the finding, step towards Oneness…

separation is past, spirits are One

b 'silent', 'listen'

Monday, July 23, 2012

Get to know the Gunas

"All material nature is made up the interplay of three energies or "gunas". Part of the work of yoga is to go beyond the limitation of seeing life as forms and concepts, and to see the underlying qualities of things.
The gunas are a great map for navigating your way through life. When you can recognize which of these energies is at play in your life, it makes it so much easier to bring about a state of balance.


Generally: is a passionate, frenetic, creative, tumultuous energy.
People that are rajasic are full of desire, thirsting for worldly enjoyment, and even at more extreme ends of the scale, fueled by competition and ambitiousness. The Sanskrit root means "impure". It is also related to the root rakta, "redness". And raga, "passion." If you think of living in a bright red room or a woman wearing a red dress, you can feel the energy of Rajas.

Food that is Rajasic is quite stimulating (often times over stimulating). Eg: spicy, sour, acid foods like coffee, hot peppers, onions and so on. If you find yourself eating really quickly too, this too can be rajasic. If you have ever been to a big smorgasbord and eaten way too many combinations of food, you would have belly will be feeling the effect of Rajas Guna


Tamas is dull, insensible, gloomy and dark energy. The Sanskrit word literally means "darkness, dark-blue, black"
People that are tamasic are gloomy, sluggish, dull and blinded by greed. Sometimes people who are tamasic can be characterized as lazy and slothful. If you spend the night drinking tequila in Margaritaville, the next morning you will find yourself deep in the heart of Tamasicville On the darker end of the tamasic scale, they can be unconscious of the needs others, dark and destructive.

Food: that is Tamasic is stale, under or over ripe. Heavy meats. Canned, reheated or fermented foods. Eating too much is Tamasic.


Sattva is a calm, peaceful and clear energy. The Sanskrit word is based on the principle "Sat" or "being, as it should be, perfect"

People that are Sattvic are calm, centered, compassionate and unselfish.

Food that is Sattvic is nourishing & easy to digest. Cereals, Fresh Fruit, Pure Water, Veggies, Milk, Yogurt

Star Wars…. The Dark Side is Guna Strike Back

The whole saga of Star Wars is a great lesson in the interplay of the Gunas – the galaxy far, far away was peaceful with the Jedi keeping the order. Then the ambitiousness and greed of a few rajasic minds reshape a good chunk of the universe into the tamasic doldrums. Our hero, a young, keen rajasic mind learns the way of the sattva guna and even the "force" beyond all of the gunas and after long, rajasic battles, the universe is restored back to the realms of sattva guna.

Darth Vader: in from episode IV on is Tamasic – the "Dark Side" is Tamas, pure and simple. Just add a little Rajasic passion and watch out; you have a force ready to take over the universe.

Yoda: Like a yogi, Yoda is straight up Sattva – even though his rajasic side come out in his recent ass-kicking light saber battle in "Attack of the Clones"

Luke Skywalker as a young and restless farm boy on Tatooine was filled with Rajas. The desire to see the universe and become a Jedi. The Cantina at Mos Eisley Space Port a great example of Rajasic energy (with a big smacking of Tamas); creatures filled with the energy of passion and greed congregating in a bustling beehive of "scum and villainy".

Things to think about it on your next beach walk:

Lord of the Rings is another great dramatic example of the Gunas at play but we won’t get into the details here
Blowing up World Trade Center is out right Tamasic. The only question is it better to respond with Tamasic Response, or is there a way to that Sattvic approach. It is a difficult question and one that I think of often.

How to work with the Gunas:

We are all made up of different combinations of each guna, but at certain times of your life, one guna will be dominant. Harmonizing oneself with this fact can be profoundly empowering. There will be bad hair, tamasic days in our life, and there may even be whole periods that are dark and tamasic, but they pass. Watch them pass, knowing that no guna remains dominant for long – it truly is a dynamic interplay.

Also, maybe there are certain aspects of your life that have undesirable effects. For example, may we are having a hard time sleeping at night and feel anxious and stressed out. Obviously in this case, the rajas gunas is dominant. Do you need more Tamas (dullness) or Sattva (peace)? How can you increase the amount of sattva? A yoga class or two wouldn’t hurt. A walk in the forest may be good. Or maybe even trying to nip the source of all that rajas in the bud and eliminate strong desires, attachment or cravings in our psyche."

Eoin Finn 2002

Sunday, July 22, 2012

the unknowing

the unknowing freed me
to dive into the darkest depth

to feel.

all the emotions; the turmoils, the angst the ecstasy,
each feeling as real as the thought it held…

emerging i hear a sound, a lightness, free,
i no longer hold to any thought, its all passing…

music vibrates each cell…

the deeper i go the lighter i become

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

a window with a view….

is inspiring…

trees, grass, a quiet road and a silent sidewalk…i listen to a feeling of elation from a depth of darkness, like swimming, flowing within the deep dark water of the ocean…nurtured, why then the fear? is it of the unknown…
from the lives experienced by the soul.

in a moment i will meditate, then I will return to sorting and clearing…stuff we hold on to, expecting to need it one day…attachments to days bygone…

is this how we hold onto lives bygone?

words become a hindrance, preventing us to feel, sense and experience the moment in its totality…

'listen', b 'silent'

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


nuggets of what inspires me:

live each moment,
with no beginning and no end;
no hellos and no goodbyes

life is and i am....

November 18, 2011

and for a moment, all stood still...
no thoughts, no feelings;
in its presence the sensing spoke...

November 22, 2011

i see the pouring rain,
or is it just drops of water, in union...
and each droplet mingles with the next...
life flows, each moment mingling with the next

November 23, 2011

the unfolding, the answer, you are always here...
i am, reassured, in peace and harmony...
as i created one, i create another...
sweet passings...

November 27, 2011

the sun peeks through the clouds, the rain has completed its blessings,
i stand by the door, the tree in the far distance, it grounds me...
what is the truth? and my heart answers, i bow to it...
a peace engulfs me as i look at the soaring hawk, my eagle, it glides and circles and swoops, bowing acknowledging...a blue mairposa flys by... i smile, i feel my eyes this moment i am tasting the ecstasy, this truth

December 1, 2011

every uncurling of the lotus is showing life...
through the murky water, the beauty reveals

June 12, 2012

a universe is in creation in each moment.
moving outwards with the exhale
being with the inhale.
in the uniquness of each breath
a question asked,
what would i like to spread, what would i like to be

a stillness borne on movement,
a movement carries the stillness.

boundless and free, no structure without form…the energy that is love

if you ask "is this nirvana, is this samadhi?"
a glance, a smile, or is that a tear in the answer...

Monday, May 21, 2012

200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training - in Costa Rica!

Come join Certified Yoga Instructor Irum Naqvi as i share my 25+ years of personal yoga practice and teachings. I am the Director of the Center for Natural Living at Rancho Margot in Costa Rica. I travel with my teachings from Costa Rica to Canada, Austria, Belgium, Israel, Egypt, Pakistan and Thailand.

This 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training is your opportunity to learn the techniques and methodology for guiding yoga practice with awareness of “Live the Yoga” Philosophy. Rancho Margot’s Center for Natural Living is situated along the Cane Negro River on a sustainable 400-acre ranch in the heart of the mountain rainforests of Costa Rica.

During your training, you will enjoy and benefit your physical health with fruits, vegetables and other produce from the Ranch, all grown without chemicals.

Through this four-week training you will engage in intense physical practice and thought provoking discussions to receive the light, to explore your inner being; discovering your true self you bring your awareness to your layers of conditionings and the Samskaras. The transformation will leave you energized, confident and ready to follow your inner calling. You will learn how to teach, how to guide and share your yoga practice, built on the foundation of your own practice.

The deeper we go, the lighter we become. Namaste~

For more information about this unique YTT opportunity please contact: or view the website:
Who is irum

Rancho Margot

Saturday, March 3, 2012

in its emptiness the space holds only this moment

waves and thoughts…

as the waves run to shore,
thoughts/feelings run to the space.

thoughts and feelings arise, they swim in the empty space, finding no hooks to attach, they drift...

…all are welcome

choose when to say goodbye...

Monday, February 20, 2012

Lao or Laos - Vientiane

A friend asks me what manifests this travel, and i answer, "no se, i close my eyes and open the heart, and seeing happens"…

After spending four weeks in Chaing Mai, in Thailand, i sense that more time is needed here. My visa ends so like all tourists i have the option of doing a visa run to Burma or any other border. Burma is normally a day trip and you get 2 weeks of stay in Thailand. I decide that my flight out of Thailand requires a longer visa. Then again that is the logic or the trigger. Why i go, where i go, unfolds as always...

I am in Vientiane, "its a dead city", comments a friend...i come to this city. The overnight bus ride from Chiang Mai is luxury for me. Through many stops at all the 7/11s by the gas stations we arrive at the border town in Thailand, a short wait by the river as our passports are taken and we are given forms to fill for the exit and entry to Laos. I sense an organized process here, and switch to a large bus with other tourists to continue our journey. After another stop to deal with the immigration formalities its an effortless cross over to Laos.

I look out the window, absorbing the sights, its Asia, there is familiarity to the outer, and how can i ever know the inner process of the people living anywhere.

I choose to take a drop at the first stop in Vientiane. Mr. Wong, an english speaking young man, promises to take me to the right hotel, and also drive me to others, till I find what i like. He is to his promise, no haste or impatience do i sense in his energy. After checking out 2 places, i return to the first one. He waits patiently, while i check the room and happily brings my bag in. I pay him $6.00, an extra buck for his kindness.

The sounds of construction, by the wide parts of the Mekong, do no interrupt the peace. The sun feels strong and i take a long walk. I rest under a tree, close my eyes and drift off. The earth feels comforting to my aching back, the sun filters through the leaves, my music is soothing. Rested i decide to continue, find an Indian restaurant called Fatimah, the owner is from Pondicherry, the masala chai in a large glass mug is exactly what i need. I chat with him and his son, eat an omlette and plain roti; chat with the French guy on the next table who is also on a visa run, he and his wife sell clothes at the Sunday Market in Chiang Mai. I also receive enough information to decide on my mode of transport to Lang Prabang. I book a flight for $84 from Vientiane to Lang Prabang for the 22nd.

The evening: I indulge in a hot compress, the one I took at the old medicine hospital did wonders for the back...this one is different, with cold air blowing on me, and the touch of not so gentle girl, i survive. I feel great later, and walk up to the corner store to buy some stuff. it feels like home. is earth not the same….the Thai people love to say "same same, but different"…i get it!!!

Laos is a single-party socialist republic.

"Stone tools discovered in northern Laos attest to the presence of hunter-gatherers from at least 40,000 years ago. Archeological evidence suggests agriculturist society developed during the 4th millennia B.C.. Burial jars and other kinds of sepulchers suggest a complex society in which bronze objects appeared around 1500 B.C., and iron tools were known from 700 B.C. The proto-historic period is characterized by contact with Chinese and Indian civilizations. From the fourth to the eighth century, communities along the Mekong River began to form into townships, or Muang as they were called." ~wiki~

Saturday, February 18, 2012

28 days in Chiang Mai - inspire and inspired

I sit and look at the temple of the Old Medicine Hospital. I am sitting by myself on the tables where I shared many meals, laughter, conversation and connections. Yes these words sum up the the last four weeks that I spent here.

My first time in this country and this part of Asia. All good moments combine and weave through each experience.

The training was the focus, or was it, I often ask myself. In one way yes, the teachers that guided us/me through these days of learning are just those present here. What about all the souls which connected. Stories, and openings, fears and release. This moment in time, this place was holding space for just that.

Here again a reminder, a semblance to life and living. Why I live, the way I live, and what determines each moment, each choice…

I have feared not, and nor have you,
the trust was discovered a forgotten story continued,
where we go, where we end up,
we choose, in this moment, in here,
in our now we know.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

from karachi enroute to chiang mai

I sit at Karachi airport and recall...the last three weeks in karachi, have been a flow...from a wedding high to a melting of souls...many encounters, sharing and caring that accompany the highs and lows of human emotions.

The sun was always shining, providing a comforting warmth in the coolness of the mild winter.

Yoga happened, for me personally, either inside or out in the garden, the sun always on my face. The full moon yoga at Binas’ with the warmth of the candles and the coolness of the floor, and a request for another session. We managed a 3 hour workshop, in the immaculate lawn and around the pool of Binas’ home. How generous of Bina to open her heart. The enthusiast yoginis enjoyed, as we flowed, paused, moved into the techniques of asanas, and partnering in our practice.. The final savasana, all in their surrender, around the cool water of the swimming pool attested to the benefit each person realized in the practice...

Shared meals, open conversations and honest connections...the basis of truth...each moment i felt i was flowing...i watch the conditioning of families, culture and conditioning, completely aware of myself, inside out, and find continue to accept, sensing what each moment requires.

The trip to Mohenjodaro, began with one passenger, a woman who refused to sit next to a man, she convinced another female passenger to sit next to her, and created a loud commotion when questioned...I chuckle, and comment to the man next to me, a perception that women in Pakistan are indulged and get away with such behavior. No judgement on her, so why was I witness to this, is this a reality I was creating, possible, for after all, I am seeing myself in all that arises. This started an interesting conversation with Ali, my fellow passenger...Ali shared some pictures of a village, which spoke volumes, a reflection of the reality of how people live and think. The four basic needs, are not close to being met. An education is needed, not only the formal schooling. What about the life skills which we all learn to live harmoniously, contributing to our well being and the well being of others, this is far from being their focus. I am intrigued, and asked to be kept in the loop regarding a new project that promises to bring electricity and water to a village....

This conversation continues in a different form, as I travel from Sukkur to Mohenjodaro, walk around and spend time chatting with the local visitors to the museum and the excavation sites. Overheard comment in the local dialect, even though I am dressed in the local attire, they consider me an alien, the surprise look on their face when i turn around and start to speak to them in Urdu....they confess that my hair made them think that I was a foreigner, I smile in my head, “so natural is alien, interesting.”

The guide is with me in the excavation site, he is well versed in the history and clearly explains the life, infrastructure, living styles and the physical layout of this 5000 year old civilization.
The simplicity of the local people, their warmth, and enthusiasm as they follow me in groups, walking alongside, listening, apparently fascinated with a woman, from their own country traveling on her own. Phone numbers are exchanged, amongst laughs and jokes, and I say I will visit them when I return to Mohenjodaro...Humans, we befriend, we want to hear the story of the other, it helps to connect to know ourselves...

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

in Karachi - 2012

i have been in this city for a week…it seems longer….

The first few days were a whirlwind of sleep and time adjustment surrounding wedding celebrations…the best part is always the reunion, those moments with family and friends…the wedding comes with its own energy…beautiful bride and the groom…in this case the groom is known the bride is a new addition to the family…beautiful couple,Ammar and Saba.

Indulgence is one word that can describe the time here…a friend takes me out for lunch and asks me "can you live in an invisible prison?"…hmmm, this was soon after a conversation in which he thinks that it is time to return to this land…i agree when he says that here you have roots, and the roots have their off shoots grown into a tree that will always provide shade…i am intrigued, as i listen to him…he is clear when i share with him my desire to travel in Pakistan, travel solo as a tourist…he looks at me and says "face it irum, in this country,you are the wrong sex to take on that adventure"…
i am still thinking in my head "thank you for showing me this challenge"…

The city has spread, there is technology, there is development and there is more traffic…i am protected, living with family, in a bubble, i have returned to this bubble…and i find no conflict, i am allowing life to happen, there is a surrender…

We sit in the courtyard of a cafe, listening to music, three friends having a quiet dinner after a yoga session…"you have a different energy about you"… "i just met you in Toronto, 2 weeks back and you were vibrating"…"and now?" i ask as i smile…the other friend agrees…i share with them, that its intentional, i am aware of what is happening…there i was pouring, now i am absorbing; watching and aware for any internal conflict…i have returned to the grounds of my conditioning…who am i , will be made clear, through the awareness and confirmation and verification of "who i am not"…its a testing ground…i hold on to the line "thank you for showing me this challenge"..

Sunday, January 1, 2012

what about 2011??? some "thank uuuus"

Moving between dimensions…from 3D to 5D…the year in perspective…

January rains at Rancho Margot, Jafer and Catherine wrapped up their visit to the ranch…

The girls, big and small all five of us, Liz, Cade, Brianna, Ivannia and myself trotted off to Quepos, Manuel Antonio…the trip which is considered done in five hours we made in nine, so whos' counting when one is having fun…the journey and the destination, the morning skinny dipping in our private pool, the sand and the sun and yoga on the beach…the extra Pina Coladas, and one extra day thanks to Julia who stayed back one more day to share yoga with the Ranch guests…I am sure Juan had something to do with it, all in all we came back recharged…

And Briannas' teacher training continued into February…and the month brought new friendships, deep connection, and a sparkle with Anayancy and Mark…five days and relishing each moment…the fun and excitement at the ranch continued, small stuff makes you happy, or un, when people live in close proximity…

Asim and Kamila made their trip in March, Kamila was the photographer for over 200 pictures, of Brianna, as we worked on our Yoga Teacher Training Manual…The highlight was the trip to the 500 year Ceiba tree…

and more moments sharing with people at the ranch, guests, volunteers, employees, the owner and his family…each encounter turns into a story, a life of its own…Rosalie and Fran came for a yoga retreat, a few moments a yoga session, a conversation, sharing a few hours in the huerta pulling weeds and planting "dil"…and a "dil" (heart) connection was made which culminated in yoga teacher training in Maryland DC, with four other yoga teachers…Mary came back to the Ranch in August and found her own transformation; all through the relationships and the experiences in the space called Rancho Margot.

The time spent with Ivannia and Mario, three weeks of deepening, learning and sharing yoga…these practitioners became coaches and facilitators of yoga session as they completed the formal 200 hours required to share the practice.

Summer of 2011 spent in Toronto, brought closures and openers both…

we shared more yoga, including a full moon ritual at the harbourfront, the savasana was accompanied by the beautiful bansuri played by Anwar, as Naureen, Bina, Mamta, Talat, Micha and Katie lay on the grass in their own surrender.

Travel to Spain and Morocco, where I am sensing I will return, to explore to share the beauty of Morocco, practice yoga, and healing sessions in the desert. Abdel, will be our guide, the plan has to manifest. Selim and Hafsa in Fes, a promise made "till we meet again", is to be honoured.

I spent three hours with my uncle and his wife in Christchurch, as I hugged them goodbye, the vision imprinted was "a return to the train station, and seeing them at the other end of the platform, their warmth glowing around them"…

I also got a chance to spend some time with Seema, Batool, Malka and a brief evening with Karim and his wife. Yes many warm wishes for Hashim, what a trooper he is, irrespective of the illness, his spirit shines through…Seema and her warmth and love keeps drawing me back. Malka and Batool, two women who face their own challenges, and keep smiling, only question that these three girls have is "what can I do for you"…

Sandy and Jennifer, thank you for following your calling to share the 3 weeks of yoga, you will continue to share the practice with others, your source of guidance will always come from within…

Paula, Hannah, Jackson, Will…we had a beautiful time together, you became a family, a part of me stays with you…every yoga session, has your energy…amazing, eh!!!

Juan and Liz, for the home away from home that you have shared with me, casa de vida will continue to share its energy with many lives…

Jeremey, Gaelle and Tzion, it was wonderful to have you a part of the Ranch energy…

I look forward to spending more time with you Lisa and Bjorn, new community members, souls of peace...

The last few weeks of 2011 spent in Toronto with Asim, Kamila, Jafer and Catherine, Nimmi and her family, have recharged and reignited the connection with home.

Ignacio, Karla, Mark, Anayancy, Cade, and Frederick, thank you for being you. Our stories continue…

As the year has ended, I feel enriched; the love I shared with those who opened their hearts, and the connection made and renewed stays…the attraction, friendship, the soul and love connection, has now become my identity…through loving you "i am, and i am not" ~rumi~