Friday, May 29, 2020

The other side of fear

Enter a dark cave, in the darkness of an unknown surrounding, fear is present.  Stay in one spot, not moving till the eyes and the body get accustomed to the darkness.   In the darkness the eyes begin to see, the inner "eyes" begin to feel safe,  that is when you begin to move, to notice and place your next step.   You begin to make your way....

The past months of unknowing, living with the new virus called coronavirus brought me into a similar "cave of inner being".

Now I make my way back into the outside world.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

What the coronavirus is showing me, the meaning of faith!

I learn to communicate with myself.  Me and I, there is no veil of pretence between what I honestly feel and what mask I need to wear on those feelings. 

I can scream and shout, stay in bed, eat all I want, do or not, be or not! Through all this I come to a point, where I can hug and befriend myself.  All my experiences - through all stages of life, the relating and the undoing of those relationships, they all come and sit beside me.  I wade through them all, I begin to find a glimpse of myself.

Like what about triggers?  How is this information, news, person, or conversation triggering me?  If its too much to handle, a wave of sadness, tears pour.  Sometime I will share, sometime I will hide this pain, not out of shame, rather out of compassion.  When I sit with these feelings, a light shines, the light of gratitude for all I still am and all I still have.  I place my hands on my heart, I breathe and I bring to attention those who are suffering, to those who as their job or duty are in the front line, helping treating and providing relief.  They too are me. 

I remember as I have the right to be in my 'space' so has the other.  Not to force myself or explain myself, rather stay present, encourage through being attentive.

As the 'me and i' become close, and I am able to forgive myself and be my own friend, I might have the capacity to hold you and give you strength. 

Keeping connected, encouraging myself and the other, we will keep drifting through this unknown!  I choose to believe this, as the rituals fall away, this becomes my faith.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Whimsical & Existing: pause for us all on routine existing

Whimsical & Existing: pause for us all on routine existing: We are humans. We are flawed, restless and going so quickly. We are being given a massive pause to look at ourselves. To see what we are doi...

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Bocas del Toro

In the energy of the first new moon for 2020.

The word that brought me to Central America this year was "connections"...many new ones emerge as some fade into the distance. 

Connections, the 'dis' and the 're',  seem to be inherent in all interactions.  Stories and lives seem to be weaved around them.

I focused on the other word for 2020, which is "fun"...

The past week in Bocas del Toro, have reaffirmed this new chapter.

The encounters, the boat rides, the meals, the spontaneous tarot reading, and all those who shared their life stories, it has been a week of peace and joy, and FUN!  I stayed in the jungle, in the rustic, with my yoga and meditation.  I stayed in the beautiful Hotel Bocas del Toro, and this last night in Tropical Suites.  So much gratitude to Carla Rankin, the owner of Bocas del Toro, she has lived here for the last 17 years, her stories, her time and her energy and generous spirit, is worth visit and a re-visit.  Connections!

Karen Looney hosted us at her cabin in Cauchero, special times in the quiet of the jungle.  Mary Evans and Debbie Norris, a part of this group, special! 

Today we fly out to Panama City for a night over. 

Colombia awaits!

I saw the sun rise this morning, through each step of the light in the eastern sky, the light changing color, the water shimmering, and the boats coming into dock.  Ready for another day, and more connections.  And I wish others will be able to relish the moments as I have

In the shower, these lines came into my heart "sail on silver girl, sail on by, your time has come to shine...."
If you know this song, enjoy this video that came up

Bridge over Troubled Water

Sunday, January 12, 2020


The life I choose, or the me that life chose?

The first was searching and seeking, unknowingly.

Wake up

the dream is over.

Life - shows the answer,

Seeking ends, living happens

between the sunrise and the sunset.

In each moment