Saturday, January 24, 2009

After the yoga in Wien - Jan 2009

comments from the amazing attendees:
"The year 2009 has begann very good because of you. It was a great chance to meet you and making yoga and sharing energie with you. I hope we could stay in contact and can making again yoga somewhere in this beautiful word.

What was very speciall in your yoga: first of all was the melodiy of your voice. It is unbelivably calming. and the positiv approach made me very happy. Specially when you said " thats your body, you have to love it" is great. Sentence like "there is no way to go , no one to be" ist extremly relaxing.
Thank you for being here and give us this wounderful possibility" .
Zohreh Pahlavani"

....."thank you very much for that opportunity to be a few hours with you and do Yoga in that soft way. I had each time very good feeling during and after the sessions. on last Monday I had very deep head ache and the breathing method you learned me was a very good help to manage the situation".......Mehrzad

"You are our guru and we all are very thankfull to meet you. You have make us another people. When I go home, I´m really different person, I can sleep now and I wake up every day full energy and without any pain and ... . I´m looking forword very happy to have a breakfast and to do something usefull for me and for a job, what wasn´t the case before. I´m very happy to meet you all to have a yoga!".......Anja

"Although I was not able to do any yoga it was really interesting to watch your exercises. Even more interesting was to observe (your word!) how yoga changes you, how one becomes a totally different person, how your face becomes spiritual beauty from inside and how your whole self becomes really gracious and harmonious, like a piece of art.
Your exercises seem so easy and effortless and you have an especially good way of transferring this ease, calmness and inner harmony onto others. It was a really interesting experience for me – thanks a lot.".......Almaz

"Dear Irum,
thank you so much for your lessons, if you would do this regularly in Vienna, I would come running :-)
It was a big surprise how good I felt and - for me - after years a comeback to meditation
as well - and I will continue at least to give myself more space for that (promised myself)
Staying together after was amazing. After such a relax obviousely one is talking about
things one wouldt not do."........Lisi

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