Thursday, August 14, 2014

I slept in the city that never sleeps

Here are some moments captured in this last stay, in the city that keeps drawing me into its fold. 

Leaving NYC again, towards Metropark NJ. To pick up my car and drive to the Himalayan Institute. 

Four Nights in a lifetime can be a lifetime.
I walked with the full super moon, and I wept when I heard that Robin Williams ended his life.  He touched me like his million other fans through the roles he performed.  His family and loved ones will grieve and miss him. I cried thinking of his anguish and pain. It seemed to have left his body and poured out for us to feel.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Writing - Colonial House Inn, NYC

Writing - Colonial House Inn, NYC
This morning I sat with my breakfast and watched people, walking on the sidewalk, opening and closing their umbrellas, some with a hurried look on their face, some alone and some with others.  

I turned my gaze towards the room to look at fellow guests, some eating breakfast, a few conversations, some reading, some silent, within the background noise of the television.  I wondered in that moment, what would it be like if I wrote a story, sitting by this window, and looked at the world inside and outside of me.  Instead of traveling physically to places, what if sat by a window and wrote a story watching the faces of people passing by.  Time would pass, new faces will come along, some old ones will look new, and the passage of time will be picked up in the changing of the landscape. The  trees will change the color of the leaves, falling leaves will be drifting by (song plays in my head), rain will turn to freezing and then to flakes.  The softness of falling snow, its accumulation in a blizzard, people bundled up, shoulders hunching to keep warm.  Faces will change, hidden behind toques and ear muffs, scarves and boots, coats and jacket.  Layers of protection.  

Soon the weather will begin to change.  Faces emerge as layers shed.  Warmth of the sun rays will begin to reach into the hearts, bursting into smiles.  A lightness will begin to emerge.  Blossoms on the trees will decorate the paths, their fragrance and colors will fill the air.  The bare limbs will be adorned with leaves in turn the human limbs will begin to bare.  Babies will be walking, and walkers will be running.  Stroller pushers might become wheelchair pushers.

The continuous movement of life, I will see through my eyes, my filters, I will create a story with perceptions and create a reality, around those I observe.  Some will be fleeting comments and some in-depth reflections.   I will begin to emerge in each persons story.

Monday, August 11, 2014

In NYC...

Wondering what to do with the three days between New Jersey and the Himalayan Institute which is my next destination.  NYC kept calling.  I came here on the train from Metropark in NJ.   The train moved at a snail pace which allowed me to keep glancing out of the window, I was feeling very tired and felt the energy of the full super moon,  my traveling companion.

Here I am at the Colonial House Inn, in Chelsea.  It really really feels like a home.  Manifesting at the opportunity or maybe a possibility to come and stay here for longer periods of time.  I am told by front desk that January to March are the slow months hence better rate.  Winter time in NYC?  If its in my bucket list, then I guess it will happen.

Meanwhile the next few days will be a "revelation" time.  That is the theme of this trip.

Rooftop at Colonial House Inn

View of NYC fire escape 
Lower East Village, LES

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Source and clarity...

I see a speck moving on the glass table.  It's in the shape of a plane.  My next response, look up and far in the distance, against the sky, is the airplane. 

I think of someone, I wonder is the thought energy similar to seeing the reflection of the airplane?  Where did the "thought" or the energy of thinking of this person originate?  

Then again where lies the source of our thoughts.  Where are the deep seated impressions guiding the present actions? 

Just having a moment of awareness sometimes makes the difference between drowning in the emotions versus handling the feelings, the thoughts, the issue, or situation at hand.   Somehow that awareness gives the ability to navigate through life.  

With all it's ups and downs, trials and tribulations, challenges and successes, tears and laughter, the agony and ecstasy, the finding and loosing, we want to live.  We want the hug, smile and see the other smile, a warm bed to sleep, and a full belly.  

We want to see ourselves in the story of life.  The story we continue to tell ourselves and live or choose to live, and/or in writing our own.  For reasons unknown I seem to gravitate towards living my story.  Perceptions I have, I question.   Less challenging to deal with are my perceptions, and I have learned the futility of attempting to change the perceptions of others.   Only by being honest and clear of my intentions can I hope that my actions will align.   The alignment is the light that helps in relating, a challenge that each of  faces and attempts to overcome.  

When do we decide to walk away and when do we know it is time to stay grounded and work through the issue or conflict.   The answer comes if we can agree to give space and time to talk, to communicate to hear the other, accept or admit and be willing to say "I am wrong",  and believe that a resolution is possible.  Respecting the right to agree or to disagree.  The resolution does not necessarily equate with a 'status quo' desired by one, another outcome has to emerge.    

Changing the perspective is like seeing the plane in the sky as the source, the reflection is only a pointer, a trigger. 

When intention and action align, clarity reigns. 

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Touching the sky

A mellowness,
Energy that is still. 

I am deep in  a cave,
Or is this the depth of an ocean?

The air is still,
Muted voices reach my ears. 

Enough light to light the path. 
I can see easily where I am going. 

All senses balanced, 
I find a hush within. 

Nothing to tug at the heart strings
No conflicts.

I am floating, a sense yet not a sense.
The calm after the storm,
The storm has passed.  
The damage?
Not worth the consideration.  

I am numb with ecstasy,
I survived!