Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Balance - in yoga, in life

The balance is the Oneness.

When duality flows into the non, we feel balanced.

When the four basic needs of food, shelter, sex and self-preservation are met, we feel balanced. A tendency towards the extremes of the basic needs, generally reflects that an imbalance is being compensated.

If balance is the Oneness, then where does the imbalance originate. Possible from our thoughts, that define who we are, from the expectations, those from our minds and those imposed by other minds. Its is how we are conditioned, by 'my' identity and by 'society'.

The attention to this awareness awakens us, it guides us in re-connecting to finding the balance.

We begin the 'seeking' and the 'search'…there is so much 'stuff' to swim through. The challenge becomes clear, its the thoughts and the fear which become the boundary.

We want to throw everything out, we want to see ourselves in a new light, we move, physically, live a different life, find different ways, see how others live; the four basic instincts are with us.

Travelling, we realize that soon it will be time to move, so lets not get attached. The lesson of non-attachemt is the important one, its the smooth and firm ground on which we build our life, live our life, irrespective of the places and people we meet.

In the clarity space is created.

How does this support the idea of "challenging" our limits, going "beyond the boundaries". For me the "limits" and the "boundaries" are the result of our conditionings, where the mind has filled the free space with fears and the lists of the rights and wrongs. The challenge then seems to be to find that space, which does not need to be filled with the "excitement state"; instead I begin to find the Joy by relishing each moment, then the excitement, wonder and awe of being knows no boundaries and no limitations. I flow, flow like the stream, changing into a river, at times a fast rapid, or becoming the deep ocean.

The Taoist concept of Yin and Yang, defines existence, they co-exist, as one balances the other, without the one the other is not.

In each moment the balance of the Yin and Yang, provides the balance to our life, to living. In the practice of Yoga, in our search for the meaning of life, in seeking love, in loving and in our surrender, when we feel balanced, we live and love with abundance and freedom.

Yin is Hidden, Dark, Cold, Still, Downward, Earth, Calm
Yang is Exposed, Light, Hot, Moving, Upward, Heaven, Excited

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