Monday, January 18, 2010

moments that become a lifetime......

so what happens when the thoughts, created by the small mind, align with the happenings in any given moment........maybe a sense of bliss, of being fulfilled as the mind adopts the moment, and the pleasure becomes part of the illusion called life and living...........not watching the obstructions and the illusions of this mind, we start to believe and soon a life story evolves.........the challenge is to watch the thoughts, and keep bringing oneself back into the present moment..........eventually, with time the mind and the thoughts will loose their hold and the illusion which you believed to be reality becomes a day you can look and see the memory bring you a smile........ when smelling the fragrance of a flower or watching a sunset or a sunrise, seeing a rainbow.................and you realize that the aligned energy which once was an illusion is now a part of universal energy.........there is only love and gratitude in the heart..........


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  2. Can the thoughts align with the happenings of the moment? When thinking, then thinking IS the happening of the moment, is it not? So awareness is aligned with thinking. When awareness is aligned with the activity of the moment, thought does not intervene. As Krishnamurti says, thought is always of the past...a reflection. OUr task is to NOT form any images now...just seeing. As you have said, notice the thoughts and words continually trying to intervene, label, explain...trying to put the past on this moment. And yes, when the past is still, we are grounded in the universal energy.

  3. Anonymous, that was very articulate, "when awareness is aligned with the activity......."
    "...........when the past is still, we are grounded in the universal energy.".......i am drunk with these comments, it is so beautiful and still, surrounded by only silence and space