Wednesday, January 21, 2009

लाइफ इस वहत इ मके ऑफ़ आईटी - थौघ्ट्स फ्रॉम सेप्टेम्बर २१

Life _ participate_be _notice-learn when to be a participant and when an observer. Whatever role you are in be interested.
Can their be activity in silence? Yes if the act stems from the depth of silence or space then the activity will be different then if you act driven by thoughts and emotions from the past. Being always in the present guides you to act from a clear perspective.
Life is what i make of it...... If you wait for life to happen then you are part of someone's story. Can i change someone's story? By being active and making it my life i can. This also depends on whose story i become a part of. Someone might have a life story where they dictate what roles everyone plays. In order for me be part of someones life story i need to develop my own life if in the process there is conflict with other roles then what? Then become formless, become like water to move around the conflicts or obstacles. Even though i become formless, i still am. Who am i becomes the question. I am the space, the silence and the presence of being...... aware of the conciousness and unconciousness in myself and others. I can then truly feel blessed.

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