Monday, January 2, 2017

Where am I

Some thoughts that arise have been jotted on my are some to share:

October 26:

The questions become the answer.  The question has become the answer...

October 16:
Love with a passion that has the power to break the heart into thousand of pieces. In each piece you will find yourself - your creative expression and your reason for living. 

September 26:
Use the power of the breath to relax a muscle, to calm the thoughts, to activate the para sympathetic nervous system.  
Use the same attention to the breath when you need to focus on a difficult task.  Or when you need to take flight from danger.  
Leslie Kaminoff calls the diaphragm and its work similar to the engine of a car.  The engine gives a power to the car, this power is accelerated by pushing on the pedal and decrease by releasing the pedal.  

How does ujjayi breathing help in a yoga asana?

What does it mean to make the breath guide the movement? Or to listen to your body through your breath?

September 5:

Don't try too hard
Soften the thoughts on how to be, just be

And so I think, driving with no specific plan/destination. 
Is it a feeling of mellowness, a sadness? I question myself? And so what if it is.  I suddenly don't want to do any further analysis of myself.  As if I am giving myself the permission to accept whatever I feel, whatever arises, with no labels. 
Reasons are a plenty, excuses we give ourself or the other. 

I keep driving. The car brings me to a place,  I am consciously or subconciosuly, setting my energy in an area once familiar. This is where I will ground myself. 
Build my life, from ground up.  

Maybe a new chapter to my story. 

For now it's the kombucha and a fresh green bowl with soba noodles at Fresh, located on Spadina and Richmond. 
I like this spot already!

January 2, 2017
It is now a month since I moved into the apartment.  A new chapter in my story?  Sorting and organizing myself.  I find papers, I get excited  to find a filing drawer, Staples to buy some folders and labels, and here I begin to ground myself.  Amidst old materials and amidst new emotions and feelings.  A lightness in myself is what I find.  

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