Monday, January 2, 2017

August 22, 2016

What does it mean to be or feel "empowered"?  And what does it mean when someone says "don't give your power away?" 

The answer to the above became clear listening to someone explain it.  

Here is my understanding:

  1. If in the presence of someone you feel drained, yucky or not good about yourself, that person is taking your power away.  If the thought is "I feel drained in so and so's company", watch out!  Is it an energy drain? Feels different than from being physically tired. 
  2. We give our power away by an imbalance in how much we give versus how much we receive. 
  3. And when we don't have boundaries.  (We establish boundaries by knowing and understanding our bodies - physical, emotional, and mental.  By understanding these bodies we can also know what throws them off centre).  We can then draw and maintain our boundaries, keeping our power. 
When I give myself the permission to nurture, rest and bring myself into a balance, I feel the best I can be.  I take my power back and feel empowered. 

That "me" is shareable with an open heart. 

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