Monday, January 23, 2017

A moment - is neither a 'that' or a 'this'

When I know who I am? Who is the I that knows? Is it the conscious self? 

Can the conscious self know the three bodies simultaneously? Maybe it can by being aware in any given moment of the five Koshas.  In that moment the 'self that is conscious' is aligned with Consciousness.  In this moment! 

The more often the occurrence of this alignment the more I feel "I know myself".  

How others know us? By our actions, the words we speak and the acts we do.  How closely aligned are the thoughts and actions?  

In daily introspection I ask myself "was my outer behaviour, action, or lack of action, relating, etc. In alignment with who I am?"

The answer comes, or not, in that moment!

It's another day, and the dance goes on.  

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