Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Living the life story.

I awoke thinking of this physical body in space.

I also felt gratitude for housing this body in the physical space where I eat, sleep, nurture and do many other activities.

Both my physical body and the living space are "constructed".  Both need to be maintained and sustained, healed and repaired.

My thoughts create the emotions, the people who visit this living space create relationships.

I can live with the feelings of fear or love.   Similarly I can relate with fear and love with those whom I share the living space.

What am I constructing?  I ask!  Words and their associated emotions generate the feelings.

What thoughts and emotions are associated with words like "sadness, fear, anger, envy, jealousy, greed, low self confidence, confusion etc."

What thoughts come up when words such as "happy, gratitude, joy, confidence, clarity, beauty, compassion and kindness," are brought into attention; what kind of energy flows within the physical body?

I take a few breaths, conscious of the inhales and exhales.  The  new energy flows with those breaths.

I ask?  How do I begin to write my life story, how do I live this story.

Hope, a candle.  May it burn bright in all our hearts, housed in all the bodies.

Thanks is "forgiving" and only for giving.