Friday, April 3, 2015

Time for me! A full moon lunar eclipse.

I wonder what to name the title of this post? I decide to to write my thoughts instead...the title will happen.

The planetary movements, the shifts, the alignments, and the holidays celebrated by ancient traditions make me think of my existence.   An existence amidst the labels, definitions, and the physical body.

I listen to music tones for the upper chakras, the sixth and the seventh.  These chakras are a part of the physical and the material.   The seventh chakra or energy wheel begins to oscillate between the third and the fourth dimension.  Awareness of the six senses bring and keep us in the third dimension of time and space.   The moments of pause takes us into the fourth or the fifth depending on our personal practice of mindful living.

The moon is waxing into its fullness in less than 24 hours.    The earth's position will be in the middle, as the sun, the moon, and the earth form a straight line.  Its a lunar eclipse.  A time when all feelings and the resulting actions get intensified, exponentially.

I think of the association of the earth, moon, and the sun with our own physical and emotional bodies.

The earth being the 'root', where we feel grounded, to our sense of belonging, the tribe, family, and to the physical shelter our home.   The security, or lack, of being rooted affects the area governed by the moon.  Here we find the balance in relationships with the physical.  Where our personal relationships, our creativity, sexuality, and feelings are evoked or suppressed.   With a balance, or the ability to find that balance comes an inner assurance, self assurance,  the self-confidence.   Which is then the area governed by the sun, the solar plexus,  the home of one's 'action' or the 'will power'.   The fire that burns in our belly, the passion which drives and motivates us resides in the solar plexus.

Metaphorically we take the emotions associated with the 'earth', mix it with 'water' (the moon affects the water), combine the intention and will power from the fire of the 'sun', and live our daily life.  This balance, of the emotions and thoughts, associated with these planets, is important in allowing us to live with empathy, trust, and respect.   Compassion for ourself and others.

So what does this alignment signify.   A change in our expectations, sometimes what we are 'accustomed' to gets "off balance".

Are the intentions that are guided by 'known' expectations, being challenged?

The will power, and the feelings, has to contend with the material (values)...take time to understand and ask oneself: what is being challenged?

We can choose this time to go deep within, or we can use this as an opportunity to be on two extremes, staying only in our feelings or in our action.    The earth in the centre will pull us back, whatever values and structures 'define' us will hold us and guide our path.

Feeling the earth under my feet, going for long walks, a long drive.  Taking this day to go within, introspection as I notice the feelings that each moment, each encounter, brings to the surface.

As the moon comes to being full, its also a time to begin letting go.  Maybe one intention, something that seems doable, a habit that is not serving us needs to be released.

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