Thursday, January 22, 2015

Psyche of a city, NYC

New York, a city where the world comes together, a city as per Frank Sinatra "that never sleeps".  

My favourite pastime to walk, observe, to connect as I disconnect.  This city and it's vibe are great for doing just that.  In some cafés I notice the pictures of this city from years bygone.  I run into people who say they are born here, many generations living in the city.  A lineage of families who established and operated a small business.   The tradition seems to continue with the young entrepreneurs operating the organic cafés, tea, coffee and juice bars.  I have not dived into the history of these owners as a part of me would like to believe that they were inspired by the lineage of business owners, or maybe they belong to such a family.  

And then the glitter and the glamour or brand name stores, the "designer" brand.  New York would certainly be the place to buy products that are leading the fashion industry.   

I sit up on the third floor of the Time Warner Center.  I hear the strong local accent in the conversation between two women at the nearby table.  I think how similar we all are in our connecting, in the relating, how we share our life stories as well as the life stories of common friends.  Yes it boils down to stories.  We are all story tellers.  Sometimes we live to tell, and at times we tell and share, it
makes us feel alive.  

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

January happenings...

took me to UK to visit family and friends.  The days were a whirlwind, conversations, eating and catching up.  A day trip to London, followed by a few hours in the local mall where I reconnected with friends after four years of first meeting them.  The power of technology and social networks keeps us all connected.

This year, the personal intention for me is to be what I fondly refer to as "a sugar sabbatical", staying away from desserts and chocolates and candy.  So far its been doable, some hidden sugar is packaged goods I am overlooking.  Honey, yes I love my honey in tea so there, I am in a good place of living out this intention.

I spent a day with my family in Toronto, middle of the afternoon we met, the grand-babies my delight.  There life continues to remind me how fortunate I am, a gratitude to continue in my heart and in all interactions.

Yoga continues in life, and has brought me to New York City.  Here I continue to share space where we practice, eat and sleep.  Jason has opened his home for us to hang our hats and share our practice of asana, meditation and philosophy of yoga.  

New York always brings new surprises, new friends, old renewals and this time a poignant nostalgia.  Some friends move on with their life, leaving memories in places, where once shared was laughter and joy.