Sunday, January 12, 2014

An idea, intention or suffering

Holding on to an idea.  I wonder about this.  

For example when I am putting out an intention or when I am dreaming how I want to live my life, it is after all an idea.   Should I hold onto that idea?  The answer comes back as yes.  Then I ask will attaching myself to the idea become the base of my suffering?

Sometimes the idea involves others or another person.  The idea finds a life of its own. It begins to grow and seems to find its nourishment through all the interactions.  It's like I begin to look at life in a skewed manner and yet to me it seems so real.  

This morning  after a night of vivid dreams I felt like the lifting of a veil.  I began to see how I had attached myself to an idea in the past few years and just like that I saw clearly that the idea will never be viable. It will not happen because it never was there.  I had been creating and reading a story, and repeating that story to myself.  All a figment of my imagination and my desires.  

And so as I prepare myself for the full moon, the first symbolically of 2014, and I intend to release that story.  Only by doing this will there be space for life to unfold and show me what is my purpose, the divine grace and what life wants me to have.  

Another release of a story.  A letting go of an illusion.  Of making my peace with life. 

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