Sunday, December 15, 2013

Cold Moon - the last full moon in 2013

Full moon is on December 17....its a memorable day for me, as many special events took place on this day.   I release the bygones, and cherish all I have.

Reflecting on this year which soon comes to a close.  

It seems so recent in my memory when we were anticipating the year "2012", which was the "big" year.  That year ended, what we saw was an awakening or an awareness of people and their expression in forms of protests and wanting to bring changes where injustices were prevalent.  The world our external world as in the rising of the sun, the moon and the earth beneath us, still all guaranteed.   Although we are seeing some planetary shifts yet for all practical  purpose we did not witness any major world turning event.  

So we moved in to 2013; through this year some of us felt a "subtle" change or shift happening.  We couldn't take a pulse of this change, for we could not find that "pulse".   Were there internal shifts happening which were outwardly expressed or the other way, is another philosophical perspective. 

The symbolic endings, closing or beginnings tend to get us into a state of reflection.  We reflect on what has passed or gone and we contemplate our present life or place in life.   With contemplation we begin to see an unfolding and simultaneous co-creation of the blueprint to our life story.  

How deep we move within to understand our story is up to us.  In the unraveling of our selves a new story emerges, a new blueprint and a new picture.  What actions and role we see ourself playing in this new story begins with a thought.  That thought can be considered an intention which lies inside a seed, the seed contains a whole life story.  Each thought or intention in that seed, grows and is expressed in ones actions and in our relating.    

The seed or collective intention is planted in our conscious and in to the sub conscious mind.   It is good to remember the intention as we go about our day and bring it into contemplation on a regular basis.  The contemplation or the awareness is how the seed gets nurtured, the actions we take brings life to the intention.

As we continue to take stock of our life and we keep our focus on the intention, we see that the life begins to become a "crystallization of the intention."
The regular awareness of our intention also brings into focus our doubts and fears.  We learn from the doubts and fears and move away from them when we find that they are not serving to fulfill the intention.  

Intention is the awareness before any steps can be taken.  Understanding of oneself begins with the awareness of ones intentions.  The subsequent actions or steps in fulfilling the intention can be life itself.   Intentions manifest into life.  

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