Friday, July 26, 2013

9000 ft & Where flowers grow in the wild...

Nor seeking approval, neither a disapproval hinders their growth and beauty.  

Silence of the mountains with soft pauses of the grass hoppers, hummingbirds and nature.  

Crunching gravel under each footstep.  

The echoing of the train horn, distant, urgent and surrounded by the strength of the mountain. 

A morning meditation, the eyes opening to the sparkling sun, rising from behind the mountain. 

The cool crisp air and the warmth of a yoga practice with a wonderful teacher, Margaret.  She creates space and shares her practice as she encourages each one to find the strength and their stillness.  Seek her at Mountain Moon Yoga in Winter Park, Colorado.  Her slogan is "Find your breath at 9000 feet".

And here in Fraser, Colorado are my hosts.  Gratitude to Jo Ann and Bob, as always they welcome me in their home.  
The afternoon spent with their neighbor, Diana who took us on a drive to the Arapahoe basin in the Rocky Mountains. Her red jeep and her driving. Both a reflection of her free spirit.  Diana and Jack are old timers here.  Skiers and bikers  and hikers.  Jack said he would teach me skiing should i return in the winter.
What a delightful afternoon!

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