Monday, July 22, 2013

This full moon in July twenty thirteen

.The sun sets on this day.  A full moon in Aquarius, reflecting the full energy of a Leo sun...

And I wonder, what a play of energy!

Through each pause in contemplation, I wondered! Full moon energy or is the energy of the sun as it enters Leo?  

Whatever the reasoning the mind and thoughts put to the feelings is a personal perspective.  Another thought to justify or understand the illusion of reality.  

No matter what I did, the energy felt like a lion wanting to roar.  Sometimes I challenged myself in balancing asanas keeping the focus on the chakras to sense which chakra was over and which under.  What were the blockages and where to balance.  The challenge kept bringing into awareness which Celestial bodies were aligning or playing with me, with the thoughts.     

I began to see why the Svadisthana was needing attention.   The balancing allowed me to get through most of the day.  Food helped in nurturing.  Peanut butter an old time favorite came to the rescue.  

The power of Manipura as the sun moved into Leo allowed me to keep working away at the list of tasks.  Will power was strong although focus was wavering.  Mercury, my birth planet, was going direct after three weeks of being retrograde.    

My heart listened to the favourite songs.   Music also expressed my Vishuddha, I sang and I danced, and I was open to connecting and communicating.  

The day ends by the water in Toronto, by a quiet spot of Sugar Beach.  I walk away from the crowds and the pink umbrellas; next to me the water is calm, a few runners in rhythm with my own breath.  I sit on the concrete.  The quietness of the soothing waves is exactly what my energy needs.  

The next few hours, days, as the moon starts to wane I am sure all the feelings too will ebb with the tides.   

Reassured that all felt was another expression of energetic processes called "me".   

It is the known "me", it knows no other.

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