Thursday, July 18, 2013

All happens in a moment...

Lukas and Matthias -

Another warm day in Toronto.  I want to walk out to the grocery store to buy fresh kale.  For reason as simple as "it's cooler by the water", or "more shade along the way" or I did not want to walk the incline, I walk by the waterfront towards the store. 

A traveller intuitively recognizes another.  I notice two large walking backpacks; think to self: "and in this heat, oh wow".  
And so they turned out to be from Innsbruck in Austria.  Students in a Med School, first time backpacking in Canada.  
As I walked them towards the Queens Quay Terminal, through my scenic route,  going in an out of a building to take in the cool air conditioning.   

For me Austria and its wonderful memories came back.  
Mehru and Lisi, Almas, Elizabeth and Zohra, the wonderful times we shared in yoga and in laughter.   Sandra and Andre, who opened their home for yoga sessions, and their kitchen to nourish the body.   Irene and the slow cooking weekend spent with her in Schmiedleithen.  Listening to Jessie Ann, perform and share her life story. 
Yes and my yoga teachers - Scarlett and Raquel and of course Mark.  
The group that spent the four weeks together - Rosa, Linda, Nat, Mike and Dodo.   Of cool mornings meditating in the yoga barn, our delight when the rain stopped and we warmed ourselves in the sun rays.  Our outdoor sessions amongst sculptors and the many meals prepared and shared.  
The little pub in Bad Mittendorf where we went to connect our Internet and drank apple juice and tea.  The thoughtful owner who left the Internet on even on the day the pub was closed so we could sit outside on his chairs and use the connection.  

So Lukas and Matthias, don't thank me for spending the few minutes guiding you to your destination and giving you a quick overview of Toronto.   It is I who is grateful to you.    I am glad I took the detour, it only left me smiling at your enthusiasm and my memories.
Now I sit by the harbor to write, and relive some amazing life moments.   Make each of yours memorable and relive it with a smile.  
Safe travels. 

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