Monday, May 27, 2013

For life with gratitude

Questions with answers, and answers to questions both keep me skimming the surface.

All interactions are the feeding of the senses.

Then the sweetness, the one without the taste, is tasted,

and I am devoured

"no beginning and no end"...

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

On train to Christchurch

A journey again and this time it will be meeting all minus one.

How many journeys have I undertaken, some similar. Where the passage to the destination was known and familiar. Reaching. The destination I knew that not all will be present.

Life seems so assuring and yet so unpredictable. In the mind lane life exists, almost guaranteed to exist. Reality has its own definition. In any given moment it's situational.

I glanced at the mirror, the reflection i see is telling me how long I have lived in this form, in the face that I have learned to recognize and identify with my name, experience, context, personality and the outer world.

The inner world is space. Where thoughts come to visit. Vision of attachments, the desires and emotions. The story repeated in silence, sometimes the words intermingled with emotions and feelings.

Expressed in an outward through words. Felt in the deep core of the heart as emotions and feelings.

I am soon to arrive at my station. A different approach to finding my way to the destination. A temporary resting ground. Where I will spend four days of re-connecting.

More memories to fill the mind space. More stories to tell, to share.

Life and living. Love and sharing. I live to share, to feel to tell.