Saturday, January 12, 2013


How we internalize what we cannot process.  I wonder if anguish is unprocessed thoughts and feelings arising from life's situations and circumstances.

At what moment does when feel chained and imprisoned...The following news headlines:

"Online activist Aaron Swartz commits suicide, relative says"...

on reading some of the words from his blog, on his "depression" makes me wonder how easy it is to look from the outside and make suggestions to help an imprisoned mind.  How does anyone know and feel what bars of conditioning create this feeling of helplessness and despair in the other?  Is there a fountain where a soul can drink to satiate the soul and the spirit with unconditional love?  The unconditional love, which is received without any attachment and obligation, can it be the fallback for times when life seems to loose all meaning and the a soul decides to "walk away" from living a life form...

If there is only one consciousness and energy field, then does it now hold the anguish of yet another soul...and how can each one of us not feel this energy...

by offering the unconditional love to life which one lives, and extending that same compassion to the lives we touch...maybe the collective energy gets recharged - a spirit renewed

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