Sunday, October 9, 2011

i accept myself, and I accept you, with gratitude

Gratitude…many definitions only one feeling.

How is gratitude invoked, there are many triggers that invoke this feeling, we all find reasons to appreciate or not. Expression of gratitude can be as simple as saying "thank you", to building a Taj Mahal, and all those in between ways. Sometimes acknowledging the presence of another with a look, speaks volumes…

In the North East, where I have spent most of my living years, October comes and I feel, smell and sense the changing of seasons. I like the fall season, the nip in the air is refreshing, the sunlight is still warm, the changing colors light up the world and nature paints the most beautiful hues of earth tones. I connect with the trees, they are ready to release their leaves, knowing that when spring comes, there will be new buds. The cycle of life continues.

October also brings the long weekend in Canada, a holiday where we celebrate with family and friends, as many get together for the Thanksgiving holiday. Today I find my thoughts, returning to a home where many parts of my heart reside. As I type, I am sitting in the middle of the rainforest in Costa Rica. The trees surround me, the rain falls, the birds sing their symphony…

In my heart, I give a silent "thanks", sending energy to all those hearts that have touched me...I touch you today, with an "energy hug"… of gratitude.

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