Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rancho Margot - Yoga Teacher Training(YTT)

Yoga Teacher Training @ Rancho Margot, Costa Rica

"I learned so much during my 4 weeks at Rancho Margot.  I learned about asana, breath, my complicated relationship to meditation, sutras, yamas, niyamas, I learned about all of you and I learned so, so much about myself.  I thought I had myself all figured out - but no one ever does.  

The idea that as sure of ourselves as we are we can only root down so far because we need to be able to bend - not break - when the wind changes.  I had known myself so well as an unshakeable, strong, independent woman and then I opened myself up to being seen and loved.  Then I found myself crippled and sad and helpless.  I think my old self would have hated that version of me - if I ever even let myself get to that place.  But I don't.  I'm trying to hold these feelings with compassion.  Knowing that I can and will feel like this again and it's okay.  I will eventually come to know some other version of myself that is completely seen and unconditionally loved by someone else and I will love all of the versions of myself I meet along the way on that journey." Danielle, December 2012

Ivannia and her yoga teacher training reminded me that the universe has its own timing to deliver our dreams….she had wanted to do her teacher training a year ago, and events unfolded such that she decided an important aspect of her life needed her time,  this was the weekend the training was due to start…
I was impressed with her "deep dive" into her soul and for the following five months, she read all the recommended readings for the training…

and so the story continued, the next teacher training was with me, and and sure enough her commitments needed her attention, and once again she surrendered that this was not the right time…

Mario, ivannia and irum
Then one day just like that, first Mario asked me to be his teacher, and the same afternoon I mentioned to Ivannia, if this is time for her as well; she had already said to me one day "Irum, I know that I want you to be my teacher"…and it happened…

Ivannia and Mario came into the YTT, centered and ready to flow…for three weeks we laughed, and did yoga and more yoga, we were all sore in our bodies but there was no stopping us…I learned and I shared, and the light shone on all.  Revelations, and sharing continued… then the day when they taught their first session, my faith was sealed.

"The YTT in Rancho Margot allowed me to be fully immersed not only into the wildness of the rain forest but also into the deepness of myself. Starting the day with a silent meditation guided me to the real meaning of Yoga. This awareness made me realize that yoga sessions can be the opportunity to share and guide souls, minds and bodies to join and find the path for their purpose in life through surrender and awareness.
The Yoga Philosophy sessions were so pleasant that it was like having “tea time” with your best friends sharing about your journey. It was during one of these sessions that I had my “click moment” when I recalled when Santiago in the book“The Alchemist” found his treasure, the one that he had very close to him but he wasn’t able to see. Fifteen years later, I found mine. It had always been there.
I will always be thankful to Irum for introducing me the wonderful practice of meditation and for sharing her Light and knowledge with me.
Rancho Margot will always be the blessed land that allowed me to find my treasure.
Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti"…Ivannia Esquivel    

Ivannia, Brianna, Mario and irum
"Looking back on my teacher training at Rancho Margot with Irum, I will always remember the wealth of knowledge, intellectual and experiential that I took from those 5 weeks. The environment, the energy, the food, the people, the understandings I grasped from that journey will stay with me for a lifetime. I see that Yoga Teacher Training as a base for living with awareness. I can now take what I learnt, and intergrate it into my daily life, and live a yogic path. I can share my practice with others as well. Being able to volunteer and teach at the Ranch was a very worthwile experience as well, which gave me confidence to know that I too, can share my practice and provide a great yogic experience to others.  
Moving inwards and working with the Chakras an awakening experience that brought me into a new magical world inwards that changed my preceptions and the events that occured outwards.
I am thankful for the patience Irum had with me and grateful for her abundent generosity
." Brianna Fitzpatrick

Jennifer and irum
irum, Jennifer, Paula and Sandy
Fran, Rosalie, irum, Sharon, Mary, Debbie and Katherine

Pond Deck at Rancho Margot

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