Tuesday, April 26, 2011

a play on words...felt...left...life...file

"The End of My World"....~Adyashanti~
I just read this book, before leaving the Ranch.  The book spoke to me and reached me exactly where it was needed.  Adya writes with clarity and simplicity.

A week back during our full moon ritual, i read the release and the manifestation that i had penciled to paper....there was no thought behind what was being released and what was being asked of the universe...maybe i am wrong, the thought could have been underlying the words yet there was no conscious sitting down to figure out what to write... i sat at the bar table, took a pencil and words just got transferred to paper.  I wanted to release any remnants of my conditioning, to me this means bringing the light of awareness in all i am, the choice then is to continue to believe or move on.

I also said "turn back", in my release.  To manifest "i want to participate in the consciousness awakening", and "360 degrees"... what did the turn back and 360 degrees mean, is what i discovered a week later when i read Adya's book.  The meaning of the word "surrender" jumped out to me.  Living with the awareness of the feeling and the emotions; the thoughts surrounding the feelings and the emotions.   If i embrace the feeling and take a moment to turn the thought around, and suddenly i was understanding this word surrender from a different perspective, its like i had somehow climbed on to the Arenal Volcano, and all i saw was okay, it was the way it was meant to be.

When i left the ranch two days back, it felt like i had come to the last chapter and i was ending or closing the book.   Was i perceiving the "ending of my world" as i had perceived it to be?  The preceding days had contributed to this feeling or sensing.  On April 21st. i had a vivid and long dream, next morning Vanessa a wave therapist asks me to allow her to share her session with me.  Wow the experience was profound, when i joined her group in her guided meditation the experience just continued.   In the afternoon i choose to select a Mayan Oracle card, and i select number nine...i end up in bungalow nine for my last night, the same bungalow that i had stayed in for five months, and created treasured moments...

On flight 999 to Toronto, the wind changed direction, we turned around, and then the wind died and we were able to take off...interesting, in all these years of flying, one new reason for the delay...

sitting in the plane i realize that i would define my life as "felt", the letters are the same as "left", and i am left handed.

"life" is what i "file" it to be...once filed, i find the space to accept each moment as it is...
and that my friends are only thoughts, i think them, feel them, and file them away as you and i continue to live our life.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Vishuddha: Ether. Sound, Vibration, Communication, Mantras, Telepathy, Creativity

Opening Meditation:

BEFORE THE BEGINNING, ALL was darkness and all was void
The face of the cosmos was deep and unmanifest,

Indeed, not a face at all but endless nothing.
No light, no sound, no movement, no life, no time.
All was null and the universe was not yet created
Nor even conceived.
For there was no form to conceive or be conceived

In its emptiness the darkness fell upon itself
And became aware that it was nothing.
Alone and dark, unborn, unmanifest, silent.
Can you imagine this silence, the silence of nothing?
Can you quiet yourself enough to hear it?
Can you listen to the silence within you?

Breathe deeply, but slowly so the breath is silent in your lungs.
Feel your throat expand with the air coming in.
Listen for the nothing, listen for the quiet,
Listen deep within yourself for the place of stillness.
Slowly breathe into this void, a deep and peaceful breath.
In its infinite quiet, darkness fell upon itself
And in its emptiness, knew itself to be alone
And alone it desired another
In this desire, a ripple moved across the void
To fold and fold again upon itself
Until it was no longer empty and the void was full with birth.

In the beginning the great, unmanifest
Became vibration in its own recognition of being.
And that vibration  was a sound from which all other sounds were born.
It came from Brahma in his first emanation.
It came from Sarasvati, in her eternal answers.
In their union, the sound arose and spread through all the void and filled it.
And the sound became one, and the sound became many, and the sound became the wheel that turned and turned the worlds unto the dance of life, forever singing, always moving.

If you listen, you can hear it now.  It is in your breath, it is in your heart, it is in the wind, the waters, the trees and the sky.  It is in your own mind, in the rhythm of each and every thought.

From one sound does it all emerge and to one sound shall it return.
And the sound is

Chant it now inside you quietly.  Let it build within your breath.
Let the sacred sound escape you, moving on the wings of air.
Rhythm building, deep vibration, rising up from deep within.
Chant the sound of all creation, sound that makes the chakras spin.
Louder now the voice arises, joins with other sounds and chants.
Deeper now the rhythms weaving all into a sacred dance.
Rhythms pounding, voices growing, echoing the dance of life.

Sounds to words and words to music, riding on the wheels of life.
Guiding us along our journey, moving into spirit deep within.

Chant the voice that is within you.  This is where we must begin.
Up from silence, breath and body, calling now into the void.

Hear to answer in the darkness, fear and pain have been destroyed.

Brahma is the first vibration, Sarasvati is the flow.
Sound unites us in our vision, harmonizing all we know.

Soon the silence comes again, with echoes of primordial sound.
Purifying all vibration , echo of the truth profound.

Taken from the “Wheel of Life”, A user’s guide to the chakra system, by Anodea Judith

Friday, April 8, 2011

the sky

i hear the sound of pouring rain,
it washes the soul and cleans the heart...

i look at the sky,
the day is ending
the sky is lit up,
even as the sun sets, it leaves its beauty,
for all to watch, a moment to cherish