Friday, March 4, 2011

happenings in yoga....happens in life

yesterday the morning yoga practice ended with a "surreal" energy...after teaching the session i opened my eyes, all the faces i saw looked like masks.

later i realized what i was sensing at that moment; the energy, prana,  had dissolved all body separation, what i saw was not through my form,  i was not back in my form.   the energy was seeing separation, while the mind was still out of the equation...whew!!! glad all is back in alignment.


i continued the practice on the pond deck, with the sun on my face; in Trikoasana, i looked up to see an eagle in flight, i soared with the eagle....

again this morning, under the open sky, in Savasana... i open my eyes to see two eagles gliding over the pond...was that the answer to my question? maybe....

i choose to go in to meditation and ask for some "signs"...coming out of meditation i gaze over the pond, 5 rainbow bass are gliding in the  middle of the pond...

Caramel, the dog has snuggled behind my legs, as I sit in the bar booth writing this log, her face and her warmth on my feet feels good....

i soar i glide, 
am i an eagle, or a cloud
in this body, in this form...

the fish swim, and they glide,
each movement serene, each breath so light,
no questions, no conflict,
one, in their doing, 
at peace within their being.

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