Wednesday, July 14, 2010

each one of us is the world.....

The concept of who is a human person and how each person is tied to the well being of this world is becoming more transparent.  We have become more and more aware of the destruction of the earth, the soil and the ocean.  The grass root movements for the awakening of the human conciousness, the discussions around the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012, the effect of climate change, population, and the list continues.......sometime it seems that with each breath some new evidence in the health and well being of the human race is being raised and discussed........

What happens to an individual............a human is born with its blue print.  From a yogic philosophy, we can explain that the first root chakra is the grounding and security of the individual.  This is where the loyalties, to the family and tribe are secured.  From the grounding and security we move towards the second chakra.  This chakra is the source of power, sex and creativity.  The third chakra, is the area around the solar plexus, where we honour ourselves and our relationships.  We move up to the fourth or the heart chakra, the seat of compassion.  The fifth chakra is the throat chakra, which is the source of our communication.  The sixth chakra, is the area in the mid brain, also known as the third eye, the command center of the higher intelligence.  This is where our intuition resides.  From the sixth chakra, we open into the divine wisdom, our seventh chakra. 

The chakras weave  around the central nadi, or energy field, which is also known as the universal energy.  The chakras signify, the area of concentration of the energy, which results from our thoughts and our actions.  When the chakra energy is balanced, with no blockage, we feel centred, calm and in a state of Being.  In this state the duality of doing and being unites, as the observer, observed and the object of observation becomes one. 

Each chakra is signified by an element.  The first chakra is the grounding, the earth and the soil, where the seed of creation is implanted.  The second chakra is the water element.  Third chakra is the sun, the fire.  The fourth chakra element is air.   The fifth chakra is the communication, the sixth is the conection to our intuition, away from the logic and knowledge of the egoic brain.

When we look at the human body system and turn our vision outward in to the world, we can begin to connect the dots and see the pattern of blockages, happening in the world.  The scale is exponentially the six billion plus people in the world.

The soil has been erroded, we search for the "pesticide" free organic soil.  The evidence of land slides, is an indication of this erosion and destruction, can we consider this the blockage of the first chakra field of our world.

The second chakra, destruction is happening in the oceans, with the pollution, the oil spills and the erosion of the coral reef.  The gloom of lack of fresh water is being raised.

The global warming, can be associated with the third chakra destruction, as temperatures rise.   Will we see more forest fires?

The air we breathe, is polluted, as the heart of this world becomes constricted.  As the lack of oxygen, and the ability to breathe deepy causes toxins in the mind and body, such is the happening in the world.

The means of communication, is widespread, yet the energy is blocked. people don't talk with each other.  Relationship breakdown occurs when the communication breaks down.  Are we speaking the truth, or we say what is self-serving. 

We have lost the trust, we don't trust ourselves and our instincts, we don't trust the other, and the universe continues to deliver the distrust we spread.   

With all the chakras of this world blocked, where are we headed.  The universal energy of the world is blocked.  Each individual is feeling this within, and in the outer world, we live in the inner and outer world where nothing flows.  Toxins accumulate in our mind, body and spirit and in the world we live in.  What happens when the body is full of toxins? 

Will we be able to find the divine wisdom by connecitng with the seventh chakra?   We have to have the hope, to find the divine wisdom, to heal ourselves, and this world, as both are one.

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  1. The world reflects what goes on internally. Let's seek for our inner harmony with love, so we may create harmony and balance the energy in the world we live in.