Monday, August 10, 2009

Tashkent - Uzbekistan

The early morning arrival at Tashkent airport created mixed feelings.....the airport was small, a little unorganized in search for forms in english, and further disorganized at the pre-customs....nothing too much, just a little glaring when one is used to living and visitng countries which have sustainabale processes in place.....the driver was waiitng for us as we emerged from the terminal and the early morning warmth and the drive through the clean wide roads of the city, soon brought the thoughts back to a feeling of eagerness and excitement....the new hotel, with its service and smile made the mind and body relaxed and ready to settle in for the 2 days stay in Tashkent. The Park Turon Hotel, offered comfort and a touch of hospitality of the east.
As we went sightseeing the city offered old buidlings, new renovations and remnants of the communist regime.........people were very friendly and warm and had a smile on their face, even with the barrier of the language the communication lines were open......a woman selling walnuts, was so intrigued when she saw the picture I took, she asked me to visit her in the mountains, where she lives. In an unexpected way the afternoon wait of over an hour became an opportunity to connect with the local people..... the camera became a point of interest as they posed while I took their pictures......a picture became worth a thousand words.

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