Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ibn Sina

Ashfona is a small village where Ibn Sina was born more than 1000 years ago.............a scientist, mathematician, philosopher and a doctor are among the many areas he mastered.......we were also informed that he was the founder of musical therapy...........as I write these words I am disappointed at not having the knowledge nor the mastery of words to be able to describe his greatness and the magnitude of his contribution.

The museum, a medical school and a conference centre reside in the premises. The architecture of the buildings is new and we saw no tourists, the entrance was only 1000 cyms (soooms), compared to anywhere 3 to 7 times more for other sites. Mr. Momin a former executive from the tourism industry, was kind enough to suggest this trip and accompanied us to Ashfona. Accompanied by Mansur the guide they wanted us to see their 300 seating conference centre and we were offered tea and candy.

I stood in front of the statue of Ibn Sina, a silent gratitude in my heart....... in awe at the brain and the person that he was........believing that his essence lingers in the human consciousness

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