Monday, September 14, 2015

Celebrate Life

Last night I slept thinking about introspection and forgiveness.   I realize how important these intentions are.

A tribe called the Jews celebrate their New Year with these intentions.   Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.

On this new moon and a solar eclipse in Virgo I too set an intention to celebrate the ending of each day with introspection and forgiveness.  To start the new day with celebration.  

A new ritual to remake my self.  I am the game changer of this life.  What a gift life is and I say Thank You to all who make mine a beauty. 

I heard a sound, from the depth of my soul from the heart of existence.  It said when we live with the gift of a body, a gift of the senses, all six of them, we are alive.  

The awareness of each sense also gives me the ability to be grateful and consciously withdraw from the over stimulation of any of the senses.  In that place I call "my peace" I reconnect with the energy that creates life.  In peace I acknowledge my life lessons.  In introspection I give myself time to heal the "traumas" associated with these lessons.  

I forgive myself, I forgive the other.  

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Jupiter in Virgo - a return after 12 years

Jupiter the planet of abundance.  It magnifies the energy, it is also referred to as the planet of abundance.
Jupiter is the celestial body for the sixth chakra, the ajna, the command center where intuition and insight reside.

Jupiter returns once every 12 years into a specific sun sign.  And here it is in Virgo.

I recollect the past, what was happening in my life 12 years ago.  What were the drivers or the forces of energy at that time. 

I was living and working in Massachusetts.  I recall the times spent there with fondness yet my heart belonged in Toronto.  I followed my heart and decided to return home. 

Today I sit back and review the "self" that I knew then.  I realize I cannot possibly know who I was then, because now I am looking from a different perspective.  My filters have changed.  We can never really look back at the past, we will not see who we were, we can only see ourself in the now.  

The last two months have been an inward journey.  It's the time to follow that heart, again.   I feel a shift in my perception.  A lightness in my being.  A sadness I do feel.  It's like I am facing some inevitable.  There is a fine veil and I am not afraid to look beyond.  I don't know what I see, I do know that whatever it is, it will be.  The words of an old song come to thought.
que sera sera

I write my story as it unfolds.  Make my choices and walk the path.
A turtle, it carries its home on its back.   I carry mine in the heart.  

Sitting on a park bench in my old stomping grounds of Nathan Philips Square I look up at the sky and capture this vision.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Light and shadow

Thinking of a vast open space, seems like a desert.  I see a shadow and then notice the rock casting its shadow.  What is this shadow, only an obstruction of the light.  My glance wanders away. 

In the inner scape, dark shadows confuse us, maybe it's the thoughts and feelings casting a shadow.  Maybe my inner glance will wander towards the light, in that brief moment I feel an uplifting a lightness of being.  
Another thought and another feeling enters the inner space. 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Hotel Villa Cala Airport

I land at Juan Santa Maria airport in Costa Rica.  Its past 10 pm local time.  The airport is empty and the the other passengers who disembark with me walk right up to the waiting custom officers.   No lineups and soon I am outside feeling a breeze lifting any sign of travel fatigue.  

I had booked online and decided to give htis place a try.  Without air conditioning, the breeze coming through the open window, the sound of the swaying palm trees, I am transported back to my parents home.   The villa calla seems like a home, the layout its furniture and its gardens, are all very familiar. 
We are on the flight path, but the infrequent flights are not disturbing.   The hum of the traffic is far in the distance.

I am given a choice of breakfast, and choose to enjoy the local dish of rice and beans called gallo pinto.  I sit with my coffee by the pool.  A yellow butterfly flits and dances around, a white one joins in, and my meditation is being enthralled by nature.  

I realize we have free will, and when we surrender that will and its thoughts, then we too feel as if we are spirited and free.    

I go for a walk, I check my emails, write an articel for Luknow Tribune.  I hear the sound of the blender, out walks Carlos with this drink.  
He shows me the tree in the yard, its fruit is called Cas.  

I remind myself to find the exact spellings so I can locate it on the internet.