Friday, February 16, 2018

A trip to Nicaragua

Why Nicaragua? I was asked when some people heard of my upcoming trip here.  From questions like “ is it safe?” or “what are you going to do there?”  

All sincere concerns and questions!  So here I am, three weeks later, penning my thoughts.   From spending time at San Juan del Sur, to the trip to Granada, friends and new friends made along this journey.

A picture is worth a thousand words, let me begin with some

El Pacifico

Alvin - Pottery maker


Nuestra Casa, Jungle Room

Delicious Pakoras at Casa Oro

Mango Salad at Casa Oro

Breakfast at El Pacifico
Sonrisa Cafe, Granada, Nicaragua

Most of these pictures are untouched, yet touched me deeply and completely.  

Amidst the chaos of backpackers and tourists, the locals live their lives.  Wanita asked me to find her a boyfriend in Canada, so she can be close to her family living in Kitchener, Ontario.  A friendly and energetic warm person she is ready to sing and break in to a dance with a lightness and rhythm. 

All the locals that I met, are the ones employed, plus some passerby in my walks.   Each touched me with their smile and warmth. 

The plan is to return this fall, with a group of people, to share a yoga experience.  The owner Muffadal or as they refer to him Jefe, has graciously accommodated my request for space in one of his hotels, for the 200 hour yoga teacher training

Check out the hotels where I stayed: Casa AndaluciaNuestra Casa, Casa Oro which is the hub, a meeting place setup as a piece of art.  My longest stay was at El Pacifico with a few minutes walk to a quiet beach.  This is where we will meet in October 2018 for our first Nicaragua 200 hour yoga teacher training.  For training details visit the website for Center for Natural Living

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Fall musings - cycle of life

Just as the art is not the artist, 
the writing, not the writer,
the creation, not the creator,

The breathing is not the breath

Life is not the thought, the actions or the deeds.
A mere “expression”, an outlet, an outer reflection of the inner workings; 

IT is a Sum of All 

Nothing on its own

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Subtle Faces of judgment - encountered!

When you asked and commented on my being "left handed"
When you looked away, so I could not see your thoughts 
When you commented on my "accent" and skills with surprise for they seemed "misaligned" in context to my background
When you commented on my form that didn't represent that of my age, or of a "yoga practitioner"
Every time you ask "are you a vegetarian?, but do you eat fish?"

When to you I don't fit in a "category"

Every "you" in these thoughts is also the "I"

I am the human that feels
Let me be comfortable with being me, even though I might not know who that is
Don't help me find me 

The me I live with is kind to me and forgiving of the selves, mine and another
So what if the labels are not my style 
So what if I am happy with a few friends
So what if I am happy in solitude 

So what if the doctors don't have my permission to tell me how well I am
So what?

Kindness is my mantra 
Letting it go is my style 
Nor clothing, nor form defines me 

So what if I am a dealer in intangibles? It keeps me untangled.  And it feels peaceful, helps me live in gratitude!

The I in my living focuses on what is mine to do; I discover what is mine by living in life.  

That knowing comes from the heart. 

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

I ask myself - What if?

There was a fear which I did not avoid, mask, or distract myself.  

I chose courage to face that fear. 

All my past memories of suffering only made me strong.  Strong to allow all kinds of feelings to surface.  

I allowed tears to shed. Allowed all the energy that it takes to hold me to become free.  Beyond blame!

When there is nothing to hold on to, how does that energy feel in my body, in my mind?  How will the emotions be displayed?

I stay away from bodies of thoughts that display prejudice, that display inner conflict as outer violence.  

I use the space within to dream and to create, to live in a way that energizes, motivates, and propels me.   

There is no applause, no witness, no awards.  

Each day a joyful blessing.  

Wednesday, July 26, 2017


July 11, 2017

The past 12 days have been spent in Costa Rica.  A private student teacher training brought me here.  We share a two bedroom house.  A beautiful wooden back porch looks out into the forest.  A wooden table where we hold our teaching sessions, a white board on the side.  

The first few nights were a challenge, the sounds of the forest are very different, “what is that sound”, I ask as I am woken up, wondering, the sounds of the howler monkeys, or the night hawk, or is it the owl?  The sound of the thunder and lighting, and heavy rain on the metal roof of the porch.  The trees signing in the rain, all adds to this symphony of the night.

The beach is a few miles down the road, a half hour walk.  For long time residents here I can see how it helps to stay away from the beach and the main road.  I might return here to spend some time by the beach, I prefer to stay a short walk away, to awaken to the sound of the waves, catching a moonrise, a sunrise or a sunset, a walk in the sand, the water circling around the feet.