Friday, February 5, 2016

Friday, February, Fifth

Why the above date caught my attention?  i write as the thoughts appear in my mind.  My filters and my conditioning, at the conscious and the unconscious level, plays its role in what i say and write.

Trust Precedes Surrender, were the words in my thought when i turned to my phone and looked at the time.

How we learn Trust?  How we learn it in every incarnation?  As an infant I feel nourished, well fed, and even when I am not aware of my "unsafety", I am protected.  Someone is watching out for me. My subconscious programming of self preservation begins.  When I learn to crawl, walk, reach, and explore, trust plays a vital role.  Confidence in myself begins to grow.  Pain, caused by physical or a disapproval begins to have associations, as a sponge my sub and unconscious is creating memories. With stories weaved between each time I feel "insecure" in my sense of self that is developing along with my physical body.

I begin to trust in the "other", my parent, someone who will make me feel well and whole again.   The parent or the other reassures me that "it is okay", I learn to forget and feel playful and curious, again.

The above chain, begins to get broken links.  My memory stores that as faith or lack of in my "self".

As an adult when I began to recognize the broken links, I began to develop strategies to overcome my fear, fatih was restored.  I trusted myself to trust again.

Faith underpins the trust I have.  That no matter how I feel right now will pass.  I will  feel whole again.  This is the trust in life and what life bestows on me.   To feel whole!

With a strong fatih,  that supports trust,  I surrender my efforts.

What is the outcome or the result is not the focus, it is the effort in doing what is mine to do.  I do what comes from the heart.  No matter how uncomfortable, I will breathe through this, and maybe revisit and ask myself "if it is mine to do?".  Answers always come.

What I have made my life purpose, and what brings me joy - is what makes my heart smile.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Soft hues of the salt lamp

Evening falls 
and the day departs.

My room glows
in the soft pink light.

It's the warmth and glow
we leave behind. 

As our day departs
our light recedes. 

Enjoy each light of the day
Each dark of the night.  

The morning comes,
It will come again. 

Like a new bud on the tree.
A life is born.

Friday, December 25, 2015

A potter on a wheel

A potter with some clay begins to create. 

Watching this potter I see hands.  The wheel moves, the hands begin to form a shape.  Then I see one hand on the outside of the shape, one inside - the wheel continues to move the hands guiding the shape.  

I see hands as the extension of the heart.

Now I see myself as the potter shaping my life.  Living my life from the heart.  One hand inside to guide, the other outside to maintain the physical form.  

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Living the life story.

I awoke thinking of this physical body in space.

I also felt gratitude for housing this body in the physical space where I eat, sleep, nurture and do many other activities.

Both my physical body and the living space are "constructed".  Both need to be maintained and sustained, healed and repaired.

My thoughts create the emotions, the people who visit this living space create relationships.

I can live with the feelings of fear or love.   Similarly I can relate with fear and love with those whom I share the living space.

What am I constructing?  I ask!  Words and their associated emotions generate the feelings.

What thoughts and emotions are associated with words like "sadness, fear, anger, envy, jealousy, greed, low self confidence, confusion etc."

What thoughts come up when words such as "happy, gratitude, joy, confidence, clarity, beauty, compassion and kindness," are brought into attention; what kind of energy flows within the physical body?

I take a few breaths, conscious of the inhales and exhales.  The  new energy flows with those breaths.

I ask?  How do I begin to write my life story, how do I live this story.

Hope, a candle.  May it burn bright in all our hearts, housed in all the bodies.

Thanks is "forgiving" and only for giving.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Bridge the gap

The "is'm" exist in what "is" and what "is not".

Awareness connects this duality of life, the is and is not, to Consciousness.  Consciousness holds them both, yet it is not affected by either. 

Meditation techniques help build the bridge of awareness, connecting us to the Consciousness, the One, the Source...

Life feels full, complete, and manageable even in moments of challenge, when we choose to walk on this bridge.