Tuesday, April 19, 2016

To be or not to be

To understand ones presence in the world.  

To align that understanding beyond ones physical body.  

To see the thoughts and feelings aligned with those thoughts. 

To know that beyond and in between all alignment is a space, a crack.  The space keeps us aligned. 

This "knowing" is the light that filters through the "crack".

Give this light no label and no form, no explanation.  

To go about life with this light on!  Doing what is mine to do...

Monday, April 18, 2016

What is Yoga? The answer within

"Shankra, the commentator on the Upanishads.  Considered the master of non-dualistic doctrine of the universe..."

Listen to Alan Watts views on yoga practice:

Alan Watts - Practice of Yoga

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Spring is here.

The equinox occurs as the sun moves across the celestial equator and the daylight hours become longer. 

I want the light and warmth of the sun.  So I spend the time before the Equinox to clear "my stuff", discard and throw out the doubts and defeating thoughts that will prevent the sunshine to shine, to make my spirits soar.  

Intense it might be, for the lunar eclipse is two days later.  Have the inner discipline, perseverance, and the heart will be gentle and ready to receive, to share.  Each day, each moment will be full of awe and then some - awesome!

Saturday, February 20, 2016

From -23 Celsius to +7, in a span of seven days.

I still have my long jacket.  Light shoes, in a short while the buttons get undone and the gloves are off.  The sun keeps its attention on us, the clouds cooperate by moving aside.  

A vendor has the fruit out for sale.  A sure sign if any of a warmer day.  

Walkers in downtown have come out to greet this day.  Some have a smile, lightness in their walk while others look preoccupied, maybe a frown or seriousness as they cheque their handheld device. I think to myself "they are not aware that they have a hand to hold, it's right next to them".  I walk on. Snapping fotos, looking at the advertisements.  I pass the row of pawnbroker shops.  Recall a time from over thirty years back when I had checked one of the stores.  Not remembering what had I come to pawn, but do remember walking away that I was not getting the market value or even the initial cost for my valuable. 

I keep walking, feel like a tourist a discoverer or an explorer.  

The clock on st James cathedral strikes a note, it's 1:15.  

Down church street I am now close to st Lawrence market.  Temptation of a croissant takes me inside.  I buy a baguette, memory takes me to the warm baguettes from a bakery in Paris.

A worker in the doorway looks at the passerbys and in a very loud voice shares with his co-worker that he has "let out gas", well of course be just used the one word for it, repeated it many times, descriptive of the occurrence and how he felt.  I keep walking, glad that I was not close enough to feel the impact. 

Another angry walker addresses the three girls who are covering the sidewalk as they walk.  I look up she keeps the "jaunt" in her walk.  

Here is another peace of art I captured in my exploration

I get up from the bench. The limbs a little stiff.  I see. A coffee shop behind me.  I get some tea, looking out the window, I sit with my tea.  A song plays in the background, keeps repeating the word "breakaway"!

The building at the corner of Church/Wellington/Front
And the other side of this corner building 

The ride home

Friday, February 19, 2016

A promise

It was a cold cold morning as I took the ramp from the highway to a side road.  I approached the red light and from a distance I saw this figure.   Very thin and a gaunt physique.  He was holding a cardboard sign.  My thoughts were on him, the cold day, and it touched me deeply.  As I fumbled for some change I was glad the light had turned red, and he approached the car.  I handed him the bill that was in my pocket.  I looked him in the eyes, noticing the lines on his face and thinking how life had weathered him, and said: "now you take care".   He thanked me and said "I will, I don't drink".  Then he leaned closer towards the car and said: "now you promise me that you will keep smiling!"  I smiled at him, with wet eyes I drove away and looked back at him through the rear view mirror. 

This morning the incident came back to me.   Each promise we make, to anyone, is a promise to ourself.  People are the conduit, a reminder.