Monday, February 20, 2017


When the month says February - the weather is supposed to be very cold.  

The daylight lasts longer, and the sunset is showing signs - a promise of a spring just around the corner.

You wake up one one such day in February, the morning sunshine carries an enfolding warmth, so you go for a walk. Following the sunshine onto the Harbour.

Monday, January 23, 2017

A moment - is neither a 'that' or a 'this'

When I know who I am? Who is the I that knows? Is it the conscious self? 

Can the conscious self know the three bodies simultaneously? Maybe it can by being aware in any given moment of the five Koshas.  In that moment the 'self that is conscious' is aligned with Consciousness.  In this moment! 

The more often the occurrence of this alignment the more I feel "I know myself".  

How others know us? By our actions, the words we speak and the acts we do.  How closely aligned are the thoughts and actions?  

In daily introspection I ask myself "was my outer behaviour, action, or lack of action, relating, etc. In alignment with who I am?"

The answer comes, or not, in that moment!

It's another day, and the dance goes on.  

What is truth? Where all possibilities exist...

I begin by separating the observer from what is being observed.  The experiencer from the experience.  The thoughts and the thinking.  The emotions from the feelings.  

In this process of separating a space is found.  The space can be considered "a pause between the stimulant and the action."

The space or the pause becomes so clear and vivid that a realization dawns.  All that is possible is possible.  That is the truth.  

"Truth is a pathless land." ~J.D Krishnamurti~

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Marching energies of love

It happened! Women in America, in all its spheres, and women across the globe answered a call.  The call which was triggered by the the results of the election.  It was not about just one country and their president, this was about the hidden prejudices, the marginalization, the fight for equal rights.  It was people coming together to show solidarity, to voice their concern in not allowing a 'regime' or group of people to reverse the clock.

It was time to 'wake up'.

Being in amongst the crowd on the day and later watching the happenings in other cities, including the rally in Washington, it seemed like time to 'unveil' - the hidden realization that we are all connected.  I saw smiles, i saw faces showing resolve.  Overheard a comment "I am an American, please support us".

Dwellers in and around Toronto, like many other cities, came together.  The March started at Queens Park and ended at City Hall.  Speakers spoke and the marchers, like a moving river, brought in their energy.  All were feeling this changing time.

I felt immense gratitude, for all that have come before me.   Compassion for those that still live a life of oppression.  Hope for young ones, the children and the soon to be adults.  To a future which is defined by the present.  The present actions I take or pretend and not notice.

I do believe this is a beginning.  Our inner work,  personal conflicts, where we come from and how we overcame our challenges will be shared.  Shared not to gain sympathy or to make the inner  'grooves' and 'pathways' deeper, but to share our vulnerabilities to strengthen the other.   In the process healing happens.  As we heal, compassion and love begins to find a path.

May we feel safe, with the earth beneath us and a blue sky, to inspire and love.


Monday, January 16, 2017

How the answers come...

I dream of a road lined with cars.  I am in my own vehicle and decide not to join the line.  I soon find myself falling off the edge of the road into a deep ocean of water.  The dream continues to where I see people watching me on a screen.  The 'me' I see on the screen is vivacious, vibrant, confident, and smiling.   It looks like an interview, who is the interviewer and who is being interviewed is not known.   I do sense that someone is wanting to take me 'apart'.   I am fearlessly sharing a message.

The last few days while nursing a cold, I had parked myself on a comfortable couch and listened to Joseph Campbell.  How I processed his interview with Bill Moyer, and The Power of Myth, The Hero's Journey,  contributed to my personal consciousness and the inner messages.

In the dream did I touch the collective archetype?  These are some questions and an opportunity for further introspection, where the answers come through symbols, synchronicity, intuition, and silence.

Take a path that is different.  Taking a chance by selecting an alternate 'lane' to live/move does have the possibility of throwing one into a deep unknown.    Barring a physical demise of the body, what emerges is a 'new' person.   Someone who has lived their life.  The old beliefs and their filters shift. Being and actively living through the challenges creates new filters, values, and a personal truth.

“You enter the forest
at the darkest point,
where there is no path.

Where there is a way or path,
it is someone else's path.

You are not on your own path.

If you follow someone else's way,
you are not going to realize
your potential.” 
― Joseph CampbellThe Hero's Journey: Joseph Campbell on His Life & Work