Thursday, June 25, 2015

Hotel Villa Cala Airport

I land at Juan Santa Maria airport in Costa Rica.  Its past 10 pm local time.  The airport is empty and the the other passengers who disembark with me walk right up to the waiting custom officers.   No lineups and soon I am outside feeling a breeze lifting any sign of travel fatigue.  

I had booked online and decided to give htis place a try.  Without air conditioning, the breeze coming through the open window, the sound of the swaying palm trees, I am transported back to my parents home.   The villa calla seems like a home, the layout its furniture and its gardens, are all very familiar. 
We are on the flight path, but the infrequent flights are not disturbing.   The hum of the traffic is far in the distance.

I am given a choice of breakfast, and choose to enjoy the local dish of rice and beans called gallo pinto.  I sit with my coffee by the pool.  A yellow butterfly flits and dances around, a white one joins in, and my meditation is being enthralled by nature.  

I realize we have free will, and when we surrender that will and its thoughts, then we too feel as if we are spirtited and free.    

I go for a walk, I check my emails, write an articel for Luknow Tribune.  I hear the sound of the blender, out walks Carlos with this drink.  
He shows me the tree in the yard, its called Casa fruit.  

I remind myself to find the exact spellings so I can locate it on the internet.  

Monday, June 22, 2015


That I read and interpret conversations in ways that fall outside the norm.  

That I have learned to read and re read to understand what is being communicated. 

That I see beyond the confines of the structure and the boundary.  

That I don't realize when I have moved into the area that is unknown to the other.  This ambiguity must be so frustrating for those who deal with me. 

That I taste the essence while the other might still be measuring the depths and the heights of the water. I am sorry for the resulting confusion.  

That I look at life completely reverse.  I have lived in a loving family and have tried to learn the norms of a 'normal' thinking and way of living.  
Nothing helps me, what has finally saved me is this realization.  I get that my brain will always interpret life the way it can.  

That I will continue to learn by immersing myself in different situations to enable me to see how I read the situation differently from the other. 
That I will speak less, write more.  
Listen and process.  Ask questions or walk alone to hear my thoughts. 

Sunday, June 21, 2015

on this longest day...

Travellers on a path,
Walking to our rhythm
Running with our spirit.

The sights we see 
through the eyes of our souls
in the stories we are told.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Rebuilding Nepal one by one

When I trekked in Nepal I found the warmth of the people and their simple life a sharp contrast to the terrains of the mountain.  Yet these people lived there with a smile.   Every morning I saw  children running up and down the mountains in their school uniforms, a lightness and joy in their step.  

When Dipak wrote to me how his village homes are destroyed by the earthquake, and the ones that remain standing are not safe to live in, I started  thinking of the upcoming winter.  Now is the time to begin to think of homes for the children and their families.   A safe school where the children can study.  

I have started a fundraising campaign towards raising money for helping a friend rebuild his village in Nepal.   Please help, by contributing any amount possible for you, towards this fund.

Also share this with as many friends to enable us to reach the goal.  

Thank You.

Always, from my heart to yours.