Saturday, August 31, 2019

Airport Journey

Why does the airport terminal/lounge/boarding gate remind me of life? This thought came up and I messaged a friend if he ever felt that way. 

So here i am in flight, about to start my descent into Toronto Pearson Airport, asking myself to explain the feeling.  A sensor that i am, i sense then i try to explain drawing on words, experiences and feelings, to explain. 

So is it because we have used the term “life is a journey?”  At the airport it just becomes applicable. The impermanence, as we prepare and wait to board the plane to move from one physical location to another.  We say goodbye, there is a “departure”.  

The other passengers or people t hat are present are also either waiting to depart, or helping others to depart.  

Brings to mind a train, moving through a dark tunnel.  All the activities of life and loving happening inside the train.   Along with other passengers we are on a sojourn, each awaiting their station.

Friday, August 23, 2019

Today in meditation

Sometimes when we sit in meditation, the thoughts and the ideas, the mental activity feels like pouring rain.   

The timer is set, so we are assured that if we can find an “anchor” to place our attention then we will complete our “practice”.

Today was one of those sittings. Using the inhale and exhale  as the anchor, i waited as i sat in my meditation practice.  Every movement the body wanted to make, i acknowledged it by focusing on the axis from the sitting bones to the crown.  Using the exhale to ground me into the body and the inhale to lift the awareness into this moment. The words, ‘now is always here’, like a mantra and a reminder. 

The bell chimed, a deep gong sound. 
The realization that i had dropped between the thoughts into a space, a shelter from the raining thoughts, a shelter of peace.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Yoga and the World

Yoga - is the practice and embodiment of yoga what makes me a ‘yogi’, or can I fit myself into a mold of yoga?  In other words does yoga work from inside out or the outside in?

The various teachers and teachings of yoga divide the lineage, or rather multiplies it into the tree of yoga, creating its different branches and lineages.

Each lineage is more like a combination of rituals, practices, techniques and guidelines towards understanding one self.  To understand how we process our immediate world that affects us, daily, and how we connect the dots to form the bigger picture and its long term benefit for all living beings.  

As an example, take the guidelines of the yamas and the niyamas.  These are roughly understood as our contract and relating with others, supported by our inner values which makes our character.  

Looking at the larger picture of world affairs, the global warming, the hostilities and the nuclear powers ready to tip the balance of power, it makes one want to be bury our heads in the sand.  With information travelling at the speed it does, its possible to not know what is a fact, or truth, or where it gets muddied by personal agendas and political minds.    

For me yoga distils the ‘happenings’.  I use the practice of asanas when the emotional and mental bodies are feeling overloaded or spinning. Once the energy is dispersed through the physical practice, I use the breath to guide me into the mental and emotional space.  Sitting with a one pointed attention, allows me to find my center.  This leads to the next level of figuring "what is mine to do".  

With this kind of inner processing, we become better equipped to support a cause.  

By first living and being involved in any movement that supports the ways to live a conscientious life which benefits all living beings, is a small yet important contribution towards helping the Environment.  Any action that brings one back to the affirmation of “this is mine to do” is the first step.  Through the actions, and words we support the world at large.  

Are the guidelines and philosophy/psychology  of yoga relevant in todays’ time?  The answer leads to a yes.  The human condition like our basic needs, fears and survival has not changed.   

As the world evolves, it changes the ‘context’, or the ‘outer’.  If we can manage to understand our ‘inner’ workings then we have  a higher chance of making a difference in the outer.  

“If we believe in the rebirth of our civilization... then clearly this renaissance must begin in the chambers of our own hearts... We cannot wait for society to change, or for our institutions to be renewed. We, as individuals, must assume responsibility for our own personal transformation.” ~ Georg Feuerstein ~

Monday, October 8, 2018

Arenal - Giving Thanks

It overpowers! 

I sit to meditate and it compels me to keep my eyes open! Mesmerizing beauty in its magnificence.  

The smoke from its mouth evident of its aliveness!

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Fall Equinox musings

The first day of fall is a complete switch from the day before. Temperature has dropped, the first sign that is felt in the body is this nip in the air. 

I lay on the couch, basking in the sun shining through the window.  The sun and it’s slanting rays will now cover me all through the colder months.  

Manipura or the third energy centre comes into awareness triggered by the red and gold of the flowers I see on the balcony, by the colour of my wrap, and as I get up I see the remnants of the turmeric from my morning drink. 

So yes third chakra awareness and balancing is how to begin the journey into oneself.  Taking long walks to feel grounded, nurturing oneself as the days get shorter and the night falls earlier.  The seeds of existence in ones own being go dormant.  Rest and restore for the new spring blossoms. 

Fall into blessings!