Thursday, July 17, 2014

What brought me here...

This is where I am.  Main Street/Downtown Honesdale, PA. I park my car along a meter on this street.  You can still use a nickel, a dime, or a quarter to park. One hour for 25 cents seemed so antique.  I fit in.

Yes so what brought me here? The Himalayan Institute, HI,  a few miles away. Tucked amidst nature.  
Driving from New Jersey took me between the Appalachians and the Poconos.  My heart knew it was the right decision.  I think there will be a post on the experience at the HI.  

This morning was time to check out the town, how people live and operate.  
First stop the gas station, it said Full Serve, so why not.  Brad comes to fill the gas tank another person notices my number plate and stops by to chat.  Canada has a good place in his mind.  Brad mentions he is off to Toronto upcoming weekend, with his church.  A few dollars bring a smile to his face.  I say "have a coffee in Toronto" and he thanks.

It's not about the money, I think, it's genuinely acknowledging the other.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A warm day in NYC

A Desi* living a lifetime in Canada, and the accent sounds "European"?, this was the comment from a passerby with a heavy New York accent asking me for directions. 

A warm day and it's just so nice to go to sleep on a bench, surrounded by the Hudson breeze.  

*Desi is a term people from the Indian subcontinent use to refer to their cultural identity. 

Friday, June 27, 2014

South Brooklyn

A day so perfect that I feel an immense sense of lightness, a flow fills all the spaces in and around me. 

The yoga this morning felt the same. I moved with energy that allowed the breathing to become slower, deeper and quieter.  The breath accessing each cell.   The energy of the new moon so fresh.  

Standing in Samastiti.  I wondered, how physical movement allows the mental and emotional energy to get "unstuck" the perspective shifts.  
Thoughts become a little more clear. A space is found, a sense of freedom prevails. 

As I write these words and look up a butterfly flutters on the plants.  It hovers over the lavender, flys towards me, teases me with its proximity and flys away. 

I am sitting outside Smith Canteen.  At the corner of Carroll and Smith.  The train stop is Carroll station accessible by F train.   This is referred to as South Brooklyn.  

Somewhere behind me, probably from the speakers of the coffee shop, soft music plays on.  I look at my freshly pedicured feet.  The color I bought from Whole Foods "glint of mint", is free of formaldehyde and other chemicals which I am thinking other brands of nail polish have.  


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Impromptu late evening walk in the city

This is my city, with much pride, I call it my city-Toronto. 

This evening was a lazy one.  At 6 pm no one could have gotten me out of bed.  Yet at 9:30, I pulled my pants on took my keys and phone and headed out. 

Secure and aware of attachments I decided to take no money not even a change and no tokens.   Normally I would not be found leaving home without some change a bill in my pocket and a transport token, "just in case".  

Friday, May 23, 2014

Jupiter aligns with Saturn

Jupiter is optimism, Saturn the practical.  

Jupiter is the celestial body associated with the Ajna chakra, our third eye where intuition resides.  The pineal gland, and where we tune into our seat of meditation. A space where we find Dhyana.  
Optimism for me is also to see life, situations as they are happening.  Without associated fear or drama to them we are in the moment to do what needs to be done.  To accept and go past the obstacles caused by our thoughts.  Maybe to begin to see another perspective.  Maybe to change our view of life, change our reality.  

Saturn the celestial body rules the root chakra, the Muladhara.  Makes us feel safe and grounded.  Knowing we have food, shelter, the ability for self preservation, to pro-create or co-create our life.   Our fight or flight response begins to calm down, we feel safe. In the home within, where we are is reassuring. 

Thinking of this alignment of the two celestial bodies, where the practical aligns with the optimist.   Feeling reassured that the planets are reflecting me and vice versa.