Friday, March 28, 2014

My friend and soulmate

Desire and the yearning to fulfill those desires propels, inspires and gives the heart the fuel to move.  The energy produced by each thought that supports the feeling and the desire, is what keeps the spirit alive. Otherwise we are only a walking skeleton, a facade or a mask.  Living the life only by repeating the stories we have heard.  Defining and expressing oneself through only the physical world.   

The passion of living life fully in each moment comes with the feelings created when we "desire".
Surely any desire has an outcome or goal "attached" to it.  When the outcome or the goal is not met, what then?  How does one deal with the disappointment or the un met outcome and its "attachment"?

Is it possible to have a desire without any attachment?  

If one is able to trace the desire to its origin, the thoughts that started the desire the associated feelings, then the outcome or rather the attachment to the outcome starts to lessen.   Feelings and their source become clear allowing one to not 
only be able to feel the feeling but somehow know why and what we are feeling.  
Somewhere in this introspection or contemplation the awareness of the impermanence of life becomes clear.  
We start to appreciate each moment knowing that it's all in the passing.  The feelings become clear, the passions driving our desires become a moving flow.   We begin to tend to the roots of our own feelings.  We become sensitive to how the other person feels.  Seeing who I am, with my conditionings and my stories and accepting that allows me to stop the inner turmoil and conflict.  A compassionate way of being becomes the peaceful identity.  

We befriend ourself and become our own soulmate.
To bring what is called happiness and joy to our life and the lives of those we touch. 

Reminds me of a saying that one can begin to apply, towards oneself first, to all those thoughts that we think and say in each moment. 
"Let each word pass through three gates, what I am saying is it: true, necessary, and is it kind." ~Sufi saying~

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Thoughts a collection of ideas

Jan 7, 2014 10:58 pm (Rancho Margot, Costa Rica)
Is the answer always to a question; or is the question itself the answer. 

Jan 25, 2014 5:25 pm (Rancho Margot, Costa Rica):
A knowing which happens in void in silence!

Feb 2, 2014 4:05 pm (Rancho Margot, Costa Rica):
The falling rain and the calm within. 
Soft sounds and a silence, both are the happenings, in this moment. 
My timeless heart feels this. Each heartbeat carries the nothingness and a thought. 
The unbound energy, no time can restrain its travel.

Feb 6, 2014 8:54 am (Rancho Margot, Costa Rica):
Thought from looking at the Mandela I colored this morning: 
Once the heart centre is full, what else is there left to color?   

Feb 7, 2014 6:15 am (Rancho Margot, Costa Rica):
Dark allows the light to shine.
If you are dark and I the light.
No separation. 

What was past - August 2012

Signed the papers at the lawyers'. 

The feeling of complete emotions.  A sense of freedom and the realization that "wow I was able to fulfill some purpose; looked after me and my responsibly.  Without burdening anyone". 

The closing on August 31st.  

All with blessings and renewal.  An opening and writing of the next chapter. 
I plan to love love and live life as it unfolds.  
Would I continue iWork (this is autocorrect) to design the blueprint or create space for life to design as it lives, through me? 
No se. 

What was past - September 4, 2012

Cobbled streets and stone walls
a time remembered.

Let it unveil , is the asking.  
Let me see what happened then
Let me release so I can be.  

Nothing happened then, comes a voice. 
It's all in now
Multiple dimensions a soul travels,
The load is light, the veil of separation lifts.

Come with me, come to the universe,
Together we be, together we fly,
Entwined energies 
Dimension wide

This is not a dream.  
As we lived there we live here. 

What was past- September 2011

surrounded by nature, a community and wildlife, i one again reflect on the past four weeks…why this reflection when i strive to live only in the "present moment"…maybe its my way of seeing/looking into the soul if what i recall is as each moment was lived or did i tarnish it with desires, attachments and regrets…

the travel to UK, the perfect journey, arriving in the familiarity of a city I had visited many times, all signs of feeling safe and grounded…then the sense of adventure…i was buying one way tickets, only the first destination from London was pre-determined, affordable price of air ticket plus lodging in Malaga, Spain was the choice…arriving late into the evening in Malaga, the cab to the hotel and the inner voice said "this is beautiful, its flowing"…that was how the next few days were spent in Spain. I enjoyed the bus rides, and at one point when a person sat next to me, and kept talking to himself, I allowed myself to speak up, and politely asked him if he would not mind going to another seat, the bus was empty, and he was in his own world in his conversation with himself, so I chose to be in my world and sit alone. A little voice in me said "what if I have offended him", but I sensed his energy and he was not bothered.