Sunday, September 3, 2017

Subtle Faces of judgment - encountered!

When you asked and commented on my being "left handed"
When you looked away, so I could not see your thoughts 
When you commented on my "accent" and skills with surprise for they seemed "misaligned" in context to my background
When you commented on my form that didn't represent that of my age, or of a "yoga practitioner"
Every time you ask "are you a vegetarian?, but do you eat fish?"

When to you I don't fit in a "category"

Every "you" in these thoughts is also the "I"

I am the human that feels
Let me be comfortable with being me, even though I might not know who that is
Don't help me find me 

The me I live with is kind to me and forgiving of the selves, mine and another
So what if the labels are not my style 
So what if I am happy with a few friends
So what if I am happy in solitude 

So what if the doctors don't have my permission to tell me how well I am
So what?

Kindness is my mantra 
Letting it go is my style 
Nor clothing, nor form defines me 

So what if I am a dealer in intangibles? It keeps me untangled.  And it feels peaceful, helps me live in gratitude!

The I in my living focuses on what is mine to do; I discover what is mine by living in life.  

That knowing comes from the heart.