Wednesday, August 16, 2017

I ask myself - What if?

There was a fear which I did not avoid, mask, or distract myself.  

I chose courage to face that fear. 

All my past memories of suffering only made me strong.  Strong to allow all kinds of feelings to surface.  

I allowed tears to shed. Allowed all the energy that it takes to hold me to become free.  Beyond blame!

When there is nothing to hold on to, how does that energy feel in my body, in my mind?  How will the emotions be displayed?

I stay away from bodies of thoughts that display prejudice, that display inner conflict as outer violence.  

I use the space within to dream and to create, to live in a way that energizes, motivates, and propels me.   

There is no applause, no witness, no awards.  

Each day a joyful blessing.