Wednesday, July 26, 2017


July 11, 2017

The past 12 days have been spent in Costa Rica.  A private student teacher training brought me here.  We share a two bedroom house.  A beautiful wooden back porch looks out into the forest.  A wooden table where we hold our teaching sessions, a white board on the side.  

The first few nights were a challenge, the sounds of the forest are very different, “what is that sound”, I ask as I am woken up, wondering, the sounds of the howler monkeys, or the night hawk, or is it the owl?  The sound of the thunder and lighting, and heavy rain on the metal roof of the porch.  The trees signing in the rain, all adds to this symphony of the night.

The beach is a few miles down the road, a half hour walk.  For long time residents here I can see how it helps to stay away from the beach and the main road.  I might return here to spend some time by the beach, I prefer to stay a short walk away, to awaken to the sound of the waves, catching a moonrise, a sunrise or a sunset, a walk in the sand, the water circling around the feet.

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