Friday, May 19, 2017

A spring day in May, 2017

With A lightness in my step, I set out for a walk.  

The air is cool, feels much cooler then the warmth of the past few days.  Then again this is May in the city of Toronto.  A city fondly referred to as TO.  

I walk with me and I.  The inner voice asks the reason for why I feel what I feel, earlier in the asana practice I had felt lighter, stronger, and more open.

I felt the chakras supported by the prana vayus.  "According to the yoga tradition, this far-reaching system of vital energy functions through five sub-energies called the prana vayus (vayu means “wind, breath, or life force”). Each function has a distinct role, and each is integrated into the total system of human energy. If we understand the role of each prana vayu, we can grasp how the forces of prana serve the whole person and how disturbances among the pranas lead to illness and reduced quality of life."~Rolf Solvik~

I sit and face the sun, the warmth of the sun feels supportive.  My right nostril is not as open as the left, the alternate nostril breathing helps in balancing both sides.  

With eyes closed the breath is the focus, the anchor.  A thought finds this opportune moment and I pause to reflect - "To understand the ancestral story and belief is like knowing where I come from.  The life I live, that is my story.  It is the present, the situation, the circumstances; my response of accepting or not.  Some choices have far reaching consequences.  Discernment! What is mine to do?"

Somewhere between last evening and this morning a thought occurred regarding patterns of behaviour.  How a 'karmic debt' takes a lifetime, sometimes many, to be cleared.  A tumultuous process, through challenges and tears, we clear the debt.  The clearing may be accompanied by a sense of loss; that moment when an insight reminds one to 'celebrate' instead of 'mourning'. 

I finish sipping my tea as these words are expressed on the iPhone.  


Wednesday, May 10, 2017

A different kind of conversation

God: so what is the summary of this life?
soul: I focused on 'just love'
God: JUST love.  Love is!!! You are given an ego to help you navigate the incarnated life.  Humans forget that.  It's like being given a shovel to dig and plant the food to eat.  When you begin to focus on the tool - the shovel and begin to worship the process - the digging and preparing the soil, and forget that the planting is to bear fruit to nourish you and to share with others so they may be nourished.
soul: sheds tears of gratitude
God: showers the earth with a thousand fold petals