Saturday, February 20, 2016

From -23 Celsius to +7, in a span of seven days.

I still have my long jacket.  Light shoes, in a short while the buttons get undone and the gloves are off.  The sun keeps its attention on us, the clouds cooperate by moving aside.  

A vendor has the fruit out for sale.  A sure sign if any of a warmer day.  

Walkers in downtown have come out to greet this day.  Some have a smile, lightness in their walk while others look preoccupied, maybe a frown or seriousness as they cheque their handheld device. I think to myself "they are not aware that they have a hand to hold, it's right next to them".  I walk on. Snapping fotos, looking at the advertisements.  I pass the row of pawnbroker shops.  Recall a time from over thirty years back when I had checked one of the stores.  Not remembering what had I come to pawn, but do remember walking away that I was not getting the market value or even the initial cost for my valuable. 

I keep walking, feel like a tourist a discoverer or an explorer.  

The clock on st James cathedral strikes a note, it's 1:15.  

Down church street I am now close to st Lawrence market.  Temptation of a croissant takes me inside.  I buy a baguette, memory takes me to the warm baguettes from a bakery in Paris.

A worker in the doorway looks at the passerbys and in a very loud voice shares with his co-worker that he has "let out gas", well of course be just used the one word for it, repeated it many times, descriptive of the occurrence and how he felt.  I keep walking, glad that I was not close enough to feel the impact. 

Another angry walker addresses the three girls who are covering the sidewalk as they walk.  I look up she keeps the "jaunt" in her walk.  

Here is another peace of art I captured in my exploration

I get up from the bench. The limbs a little stiff.  I see. A coffee shop behind me.  I get some tea, looking out the window, I sit with my tea.  A song plays in the background, keeps repeating the word "breakaway"!

The building at the corner of Church/Wellington/Front
And the other side of this corner building 

The ride home

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