Monday, June 22, 2015


That I read and interpret conversations in ways that fall outside the norm.

That I have learned to read and re read to understand what is being communicated.

That I see beyond the confines of the structure and the boundary.  

That I don't realize when I have moved into the area that is unknown to the other.  This ambiguity must be so frustrating for those who deal with me. 

That I taste the essence while the other might still be measuring the depths and the heights of the water. I am sorry for the resulting confusion.  

That I look at life completely in reverse.  I have lived in a loving family and have tried to learn the norms of a 'normal' thinking and way of living.  
Nothing helps me, what has finally saved me is this realization.
I get that my brain will always interpret life the way it can.  

I will continue to learn by immersing myself in different situations to enable me to see how I read the situation differently from the other. 
That I will speak less, write more.  
Ask questions, or walk alone to hear my thoughts.
Listen and process.  

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