Sunday, March 15, 2015

Observation and Contemplation...

This morning I wondered or contemplated  (as I swept each hair off the floor).  "Ahimsa and  the non-judgement aspect of this concept".

Where is the line drawn between an observation and judgement.  

For me being "judge mental" seems like a mental activity.  Hence not much compassion is involved  in the process.  The words of Mother Theresa resonate: "when we judge we have no time to love, where there is love there is no space for judgment".  

Observing could be like saying:  "I take a certain route or path to travel between two points".  So sharing this with another  they suggest an alternative path.   In my thoughts or in my mind I process either with more questions on this 'suggestive' path or with a "judge mental" response in thoughts and words.  It could be that "oh I don't want to go the suggestive way cos etc etc etc".  Here we pause and see if a "fear" is the basis or is there some intuitive guidance.   Seeing this within oneself is a daily practice that slowly builds "ahimsa" or the non judgmental/non violent way of relating with self and the others.   Fear is as much a part of living as breath is.  Through the awareness of each we develop courage and strength. 

I understand the "ahimsa" as the action one takes.  It is doing what is mine to do.  The judgment are the thoughts that underpin or motivate the action.  

The unraveling continues, each moment becomes lighter, the clarity comes with contemplation, introspection, and expresses as "ahimsa".

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