Thursday, February 26, 2015

Partnership have beginnings and sometimes end

Through the knowing of what unbalances us, we develop ways of rebalancing.  

We come to know ourselves by seeing our thoughts, emotions, and feelings that arise in our relating and in situations that don't affect us directly. 

Knowing one "self" is like the "raft" that rides on the "river of life". 

Partners, the true ones, know what unbalances their "ship".  When we decide to climb on the one ship called relationship or partnership, keep your raft alongside.  Time to time get on that raft and allow yourself the space to "re familiarize" with your "self", to again find the balance within.  You will return to continue the partnership.  

Sometimes the one or the other decide that the partners are not in balance.  Discuss the strategies for rebalancing the relationship. Give it your heart, as it is yours to do, allow and encourage the other to sail their own "raft".  

Both will know in their honesty that the time to end the partnership is imminent. Then working within the guidelines of the Yama and the Niyamas, find the strength and the courage to end the partnership.  

Take time for the closure.  Endings and closures are rarely simultaneous.  During the closure be patient with yourself.  And release the other with grace and blessings. 

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