Thursday, November 6, 2014

From Rancho Margot - Costa Rica

Landing at the Juan Santa Maria airport I felt the wramth of the country and its people seeping into me.  I had decided to be courageous and find my way to the ranch.  Renting a car, getting lost enroute and slowly making my way out of the city traffic towards the mountains.   I took in sights differently.  I was both thte driver and the passenger, not even music filled my space.   Although at times it felt i was taking the wrong turn yet the drive over and around the hilly terrain, with nature as the backdrop, filled my senses and somehow assured me that i was on my path.

As always the warmth of family and friends nourishes the soul.  

We have a group of students eager to absorb what we share with them.   The yoga teacher training is into its ninth day.    The learning and the sharing continues.   A trip to the hot springs allowed the bodies and the mind to absorb the nutrients from the hot water that flows from the volcano.  The food here is cooked fresh, the three meals and the daily supply of fresh cookies nurture the body.  Yoga through out the day brings it all together, the mind, body, and the spirit.   

The volunteers and the guests are part of the 'theme' as they too share their time with us, over meals or coffee and during the yoga sessions.

As I share these thoughts, I sense a calmness around.  This full moon effect seems lighter, although wet as we are having our share of rains in this rainforest.  

Baston del emperador

Study of the energy bodies

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