Monday, November 24, 2014

Closing time in Costa Rica

A month ago I came back to Costa Rica.   Reunion, catching up, and then three weeks of time spent in teacher training.   Two known and three new students.   Through the long hours, we kept on our path.  A yogi friend came from New York and infused new energy into our students.  We spent a weekend, watching barriers fall and fears overcome, as Jason played yoga, flying was the theme of the weekend.   The final practice, the written assessments and the graduation ceremony.   Smiles and changes so noticeable.

Now its time to return home.  

I leave here this evening, and tomorrow I fly back home.   I have done what was mine to do.  A committment met.   The new yoga teachers will share their learnings and I will take back some new memories, new friendships.

I learned how to make pottery.  A fun day spent learning, laughing, and using the clay as facial mask.  Over two days we learned how to make pottery, saw it being "baked" and watched the final pieces emerge.  We had a great teacher, he laughed at our jokes, understanding the punch line even though there was a language barrier.  

We sat and chatted, I will carry and remember the feeling of being relaxed, as we watched the rising flames.   A fire being both a symbol of releasing and of creating. 

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