Sunday, March 16, 2014

What was past- September 2011

surrounded by nature, a community and wildlife, i one again reflect on the past four weeks…why this reflection when i strive to live only in the "present moment"…maybe its my way of seeing/looking into the soul if what i recall is as each moment was lived or did i tarnish it with desires, attachments and regrets…

the travel to UK, the perfect journey, arriving in the familiarity of a city I had visited many times, all signs of feeling safe and grounded…then the sense of adventure…i was buying one way tickets, only the first destination from London was pre-determined, affordable price of air ticket plus lodging in Malaga, Spain was the choice…arriving late into the evening in Malaga, the cab to the hotel and the inner voice said "this is beautiful, its flowing"…that was how the next few days were spent in Spain. I enjoyed the bus rides, and at one point when a person sat next to me, and kept talking to himself, I allowed myself to speak up, and politely asked him if he would not mind going to another seat, the bus was empty, and he was in his own world in his conversation with himself, so I chose to be in my world and sit alone. A little voice in me said "what if I have offended him", but I sensed his energy and he was not bothered.

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