Thursday, February 28, 2013

Toronto calling

And so I return home to Toronto.
It's February, and people expect winter to end soon - the comment I hear:"it's been a cold winter..." is a reflection that the warmth of spring is needed for the weary body and the spirit.
The question I am asked is "what are you doing here? This is a time to be in a warm place and you choose to be here!"

It has been a nice week+ since I came back. The warmth of family and friends warms the heart and the snow does not feel that cold. So yes the body is adjusting as is the mind which needs to remember to prepare for being outdoors, it is not as simple as opening the door and walking out

Between packing, sorting and unpacking I have found time to nurture this body and soul. A couple of restorative yoga sessions and today a challenging core workout assures me that the body is in gear. The delicious long hours of soaking the sun as I meditate are keeping the spirit warm.

I spent time with the boys and their beautiful partners in life. Endless chatter with Asim and Kamila, the stories and pictures of their recent travel to Italy, the tax season and its challenges and then the oscars and review of those wonderful movies that were contenders for winning. Sharing sushi in our favorite Japanese restaurant and enjoying the warm ambiance of the new Panera in the neighborhood.

Last night I lit some candles and incense and Catherine walked in enjoying the smell of the incense. Soon Jafer came and put on the soundtrack from the movie "the life of Pi" and we three huddled in my bed, just so nourished by the moment.

I will end with sharing of this thought that popped up today. Using the analogy of yoga chakra centers. The lower three are all about security, money, physical form, physical relationships and power. When we approach life from these three chakras it is all about the individual and the benefits derived for "me and myself". As the awareness of life and living moves into the heart and into the upper three chakras we begin to live life with a kind of joy which enjoys seeing everyone happy. Inner life becomes introspective and contemplative expressed as passion and contentment.

 The joy of living life in all and finding what is referred to as "truth or love" takes on a sweet meaning. We speak and hear with the heart voice.

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