Tuesday, January 22, 2013

In the exhale is the release….

Life is like the breath, it continues to happen irrespective of whether we are aware or not.  

When we exhale with awareness it brings a deep release, a sense of peace and relaxation... the inhale becomes more conscious and we begin to breathe deeper, slower and allow ourself to move quietly and silently.   

How similar to life and everyday living.  Going about the hustle bustle of the day in each moment, each breath we breathe is shallow each moment lived on the surface.  

How then to find the treasures that lie deep within each of us?  Maybe pause more often to notice the feelings; as we notice the thoughts wrapping those feelings, pause and focus on the exhale, in the exhale is the release...  

A little practice then becomes life itself.  We begin to release our attachment to the thoughts and the feelings change, with more smiles in our heart we find a space to live with a lightness in each step; our footprint on this earth becomes hardly noticeable.  

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