Saturday, February 18, 2012

28 days in Chiang Mai - inspire and inspired

I sit and look at the temple of the Old Medicine Hospital. I am sitting by myself on the tables where I shared many meals, laughter, conversation and connections. Yes these words sum up the the last four weeks that I spent here.

My first time in this country and this part of Asia. All good moments combine and weave through each experience.

The training was the focus, or was it, I often ask myself. In one way yes, the teachers that guided us/me through these days of learning are just those present here. What about all the souls which connected. Stories, and openings, fears and release. This moment in time, this place was holding space for just that.

Here again a reminder, a semblance to life and living. Why I live, the way I live, and what determines each moment, each choice…

I have feared not, and nor have you,
the trust was discovered a forgotten story continued,
where we go, where we end up,
we choose, in this moment, in here,
in our now we know.

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