Wednesday, January 11, 2012

in Karachi - 2012

i have been in this city for a week…it seems longer….

The first few days were a whirlwind of sleep and time adjustment surrounding wedding celebrations…the best part is always the reunion, those moments with family and friends…the wedding comes with its own energy…beautiful bride and the groom…in this case the groom is known the bride is a new addition to the family…beautiful couple,Ammar and Saba.

Indulgence is one word that can describe the time here…a friend takes me out for lunch and asks me "can you live in an invisible prison?"…hmmm, this was soon after a conversation in which he thinks that it is time to return to this land…i agree when he says that here you have roots, and the roots have their off shoots grown into a tree that will always provide shade…i am intrigued, as i listen to him…he is clear when i share with him my desire to travel in Pakistan, travel solo as a tourist…he looks at me and says "face it irum, in this country,you are the wrong sex to take on that adventure"…
i am still thinking in my head "thank you for showing me this challenge"…

The city has spread, there is technology, there is development and there is more traffic…i am protected, living with family, in a bubble, i have returned to this bubble…and i find no conflict, i am allowing life to happen, there is a surrender…

We sit in the courtyard of a cafe, listening to music, three friends having a quiet dinner after a yoga session…"you have a different energy about you"… "i just met you in Toronto, 2 weeks back and you were vibrating"…"and now?" i ask as i smile…the other friend agrees…i share with them, that its intentional, i am aware of what is happening…there i was pouring, now i am absorbing; watching and aware for any internal conflict…i have returned to the grounds of my conditioning…who am i , will be made clear, through the awareness and confirmation and verification of "who i am not"…its a testing ground…i hold on to the line "thank you for showing me this challenge"..

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