Saturday, January 21, 2012

from karachi enroute to chiang mai

I sit at Karachi airport and recall...the last three weeks in karachi, have been a flow...from a wedding high to a melting of souls...many encounters, sharing and caring that accompany the highs and lows of human emotions.

The sun was always shining, providing a comforting warmth in the coolness of the mild winter.

Yoga happened, for me personally, either inside or out in the garden, the sun always on my face. The full moon yoga at Binas’ with the warmth of the candles and the coolness of the floor, and a request for another session. We managed a 3 hour workshop, in the immaculate lawn and around the pool of Binas’ home. How generous of Bina to open her heart. The enthusiast yoginis enjoyed, as we flowed, paused, moved into the techniques of asanas, and partnering in our practice.. The final savasana, all in their surrender, around the cool water of the swimming pool attested to the benefit each person realized in the practice...

Shared meals, open conversations and honest connections...the basis of truth...each moment i felt i was flowing...i watch the conditioning of families, culture and conditioning, completely aware of myself, inside out, and find continue to accept, sensing what each moment requires.

The trip to Mohenjodaro, began with one passenger, a woman who refused to sit next to a man, she convinced another female passenger to sit next to her, and created a loud commotion when questioned...I chuckle, and comment to the man next to me, a perception that women in Pakistan are indulged and get away with such behavior. No judgement on her, so why was I witness to this, is this a reality I was creating, possible, for after all, I am seeing myself in all that arises. This started an interesting conversation with Ali, my fellow passenger...Ali shared some pictures of a village, which spoke volumes, a reflection of the reality of how people live and think. The four basic needs, are not close to being met. An education is needed, not only the formal schooling. What about the life skills which we all learn to live harmoniously, contributing to our well being and the well being of others, this is far from being their focus. I am intrigued, and asked to be kept in the loop regarding a new project that promises to bring electricity and water to a village....

This conversation continues in a different form, as I travel from Sukkur to Mohenjodaro, walk around and spend time chatting with the local visitors to the museum and the excavation sites. Overheard comment in the local dialect, even though I am dressed in the local attire, they consider me an alien, the surprise look on their face when i turn around and start to speak to them in Urdu....they confess that my hair made them think that I was a foreigner, I smile in my head, “so natural is alien, interesting.”

The guide is with me in the excavation site, he is well versed in the history and clearly explains the life, infrastructure, living styles and the physical layout of this 5000 year old civilization.
The simplicity of the local people, their warmth, and enthusiasm as they follow me in groups, walking alongside, listening, apparently fascinated with a woman, from their own country traveling on her own. Phone numbers are exchanged, amongst laughs and jokes, and I say I will visit them when I return to Mohenjodaro...Humans, we befriend, we want to hear the story of the other, it helps to connect to know ourselves...

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