Friday, July 29, 2011

Thoughts from the Ranch

experience, what is the meaning of experience and how it becomes a part of life, living and who we are.  
as a noun the dicitionary defines experiences as “an event or occurrence that leaves an impression on someone : for the younger players it has been a learning experience.”
as a verb: to feel, as an emotion
The usage in english comes via Old French from Latin experientia, from experiri, try;  Compare with EXPERIMENT  and EXPERT
of recent this word as associated with living, has come up many times.  frequently i hear “i want to experience everything in life”.
how do we “experience” life? where does learning reside? is it a big part of the answer that leads to the quest of finding “who am i?” or is it the realization that there is no one answer.  is it possible that all the learning that happens is very soon our past, the feeling and the emotions tied to those experiences are our past.  when does one, or rather how does one find that space to be in the moment, become the experiencer? is it through the seeking of other experiences? through replacing  one experience with another?   is life a reality “show?”
do i need answers? or only the questions?  the quest of the mind, giving rise to the questions, and where are the answers? going somewhere to find them, or seeing them in each encounter...when the encounter is not centered on oneself, but the other, how does the experience feel then?
there comes a point in life and living, an “aha” moment, when the search for experiencing life ends, and living and experiencing life in each moment itself becomes the Bliss, called Life.
basically my friend nothing is missing, a friend wrote these words for me when he gave me the book “Riding the Ox Home”...

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