Sunday, July 10, 2011

"some people become old friends…instantly"

as soon as she saw this card, it reminded her of me….what a compliment.

the simplicity, honesty and openness spoke volumes….

another day a friend calls and says: "freedom is the space between the stimulant and the action", and "confusion occurs when there is no space"…later i hear a talk by Echart Tolle…and the clarity of the comment is speaking to me…i am able to be in the pause, in the space, in the freedom…

i continue to see the thought, feel the sensing, and the awareness of the "space" has freed me from the desires and the attachment.  BINGO!!!! the realization happens that the people, ideas and place that i was attached to were and are the "spiritual teachers"…a karma, a lifetime has ended with this freedom...

i am an eagle

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