Wednesday, June 22, 2011

June full moon…and the summer solstice

The full moon brings with it a surge of emotions…the pull on the gravity and the rising of the tides have an affect and impact on our feelings and thoughts… its time to contemplate, purge and release stuff we are holding on, to create space for the universe to guide and show us the life we seek…planting the seeds of desire at both the physical and spiritual level, we find our own ritual… fire is a great ritual to provide the energy for both the release and manifestation to happen.

Living close to the harbour my first choice for meditation was the water, and the day before the full moon, I found a bench…with closed eyes and in my silence, a question was asked…the silence was broken by the sound of voices, I open  my eyes to see that a boat had docked right in front of me, the name of the boat was "New Beginnings"….mesmerised I sat for a long time, just absorbing what had just been shown to me….

The next day, the bright warmth of the sun enticed me to find a secluded spot by the water…i enjoyed the space and did some yoga asanas before sitting to meditate... around the time that the moon was full, 4:13 pm local time I had a powerful vision in which I see the earth, with the map of the world, and the globe clearly… and then slowly the map begins to dissolve….somewhere in my awareness I was awed with what I was seeing…the round globe of the earth was there, but there was a blank space, no map of the countries and continents…with close eyes I watched the slow appearance of what looked like sparkles, which turned into the shape of a map, a new world, with new lines showing a new earth…

What is the message, seemed to be coming from the moon, to our feelings…somehow I believe it has a good omen to it…as the night before the full moon I had seen the face of the man on the moon, and it was smiling…

Yesterday was the summer solstice, did the combination of the full moon and the summer solstice have an impact?  noticing my energy and feelings, and in conversation and emails I received, I would answer yes.  If I may add that taking time to meditate, contemplate or journalling of ones feelings and emotions guides and helps us during such energy shifts of the celestial bodies.

as the sun stood still to admire the beauty of the full moon, the earth bowed to the union

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