Wednesday, December 15, 2010

so whats in a name, you ask...

the name i have recognized to associate with and answer to (besides, hey you, ama, khala, phups, auntie, yoga mama, sweetheart, sunshine and lotus and some not to be mentioned) is the name "irum":  pronounced ir- rum...
in the last year i love the way Spanish and French speaking call me ee room

here is what Wikipedia says about the name:
"In Persian folklore it also refers to the story of King Shedad who wanted to compete with God and said that he would create Baghe 'Irum'(heaven on earth).To create this heaven he used up all his wealth and power even snatching from the poor.  He made it so beautiful that it was heard to have fountains of wine and milk and rocks of the most precious gems that one could ever imagine. His cruelty is said to have upset God and God decided to punish him,so that he would never lay eyes on Irum. Just when Shedad was about to enter the gates of Irum he tripped on the steps and died on the spot.  Irum is said to have been so beautiful that even God adored it and decided to make it one of the seven heavens in the sky.
Irum means paradise on earth that God adored so much that he decided to make it the heaven on sky for eternity."
my grandfather would recite the following lines to me: 
جدھر تیرا نکش ا قدم دیکھتا ہوں خرراما خرراما  ارم دیکھتا ہوں
wherever i see your footsteps, there, slowly unveils paradise
and so i got the name "irum"...recently someone in Israel, gave me the meaning of my name, I thought let me clarify and Wiki says it means "thoughtful" in Hebrew...I also met someone who has been to Korea and she said it means "name" in Korean...i hear it is also a name in Turkish;  with the "h" silent, Hiram is a Spanish name.
Who is this Irum? do i see myself: uncomplicated, ordinary in a different or rather unusual way...nurturing, romantic and sensuous in my relationships...flowing, i love to flow in the moment, through my day, in the doing and in life...pauses, yes i pause a lot, not because i daydream or get lost in my mind instead its the moment that grabs my attention and sometime in the middle of a conversation or while i am doing something i will pause, and that moment becomes eternal...
i am left-handed, my brain config is what it is and i have recognized it and love it...why? cos thats all i know in any given moment...what is home to this brain/mind is thoughts can be my love or my enemy, i am their observer...the relationship i have with my thoughts is explained in these modified lines: "i can live, with or without you"...(b.t.w i think U2 has sung the best version of this song)
and Yes, People...children, friends, their families, family of souls, yoga friends...The Earth and the Sky and all it contains, the sun and the moon (even when they are hidden from the eye)... food, chocolates, my breath, the yoga ALL i ask solitude and when amongst people, i exist only in each moment...and so a BIG THANK YOU to LIFE and y siempre
life, did you reach out to me or i to question and no answer...
we dance in union...
together we came and together we part...


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