Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Gratitude list

I am grateful for an amazing yoga session
I am grateful to see the beautiful moon tonight
I am grateful to the sun for shining today
I am grateful to Centenario, the horse who carried me up and down the mountains of the rainforest
I am grateful to friends, who shared their time with me today
I am grateful for the amazing lunch today, and the food i got to eat
I am grateful to the bout of laughter, I shared with friends
I am grateful to the wonderful human beings, especially my children
I am grateful for every opportunity I have to interact with others
I am grateful for an inner sense, that guides me and shows me the true nature of people
I am grateful for waking up this morning with a smile on my face
I am grateful to all those wonderful people I have met as I journey through life
I am grateful to the food I eat, the nutrients I absorb
I am grateful to all those people, just their thought brings a smile to my heart
I am grateful to this life which allows me to connect with people
I am grateful to all those people who open their hearts
I am grateful to the  love and friends I have found
I am grateful that when I look at a person I can see beyond the form
I am grateful to enjoy the form and colors of nature
I am grateful to stand in the middle of the square in Brugge, with 2 beautiful friends, laughing, eating and sharing delicious chocolate

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

who am i not...

when am i not afraid to show my vulnerability...when i feel an inner sense of confidence, without fear of rejection, reproach or judgement, i surrender and expose myself.  this inner sense of confidence can also be referred to the knowing of "who am i"...not the "I", defined by my external appearance, by my physical attributes, by the knowledge I acquire, the accolcades or degrees I collect, but the "Who" as in a human form,when interacting with another human form, with no expectation of reward, gain  or benefit from that interaction.  the very basic form of caring, sharing, giving, receiving and feeling the pain and joy of the other. 

the discovery of who the real "i " is challenging.  is the real "i" a constant or a variable.  if i am a constant, am i stuck, stuck with the idea of who this "me" is?  knowing oneself as a constant becomes a self imposed barrier.  changes are always happening as part of life, if we don't move ourself out of the way and incorporate the changes we become our own roadblock.  when we are constant, we stand firm to our belief, ideas and principles...others find it easy to categorise us and put a label on us, we become  a reference point...does society and culture need such people?? 

i need to go deeper into this concept.  is it possible to have the ideas, beliefs and principles, without being stuck on how to achieve, support and live them.  can these ideas, beliefs and principles become the building blocks of our life structure, allowing us to move freely within the stucture.  We feel grounded within this stucture, with room and space to move around.  This space can get filled with our unaware ego, when we associate the stucture with who we are; instead remembering that we are the energy that flows, upholding and supporting the stucture, with this energy, always moving and allowing others to move with us. 

coming back to the question of "who am i", becomes clearer... "i" am the energy, the life that is happening,