Thursday, September 30, 2010

Is life a drama....

We all have our own personal script, the one we keep repeating and replaying. Using this script we assign ourselves a role, and the life begins to unfold as a "drama'.

In this drama of life, we begin to project on others, the role we assign them. We continue to involve people that are close to us and those that are removed from us in this play of life.

We begin with our feelings, instead of staying with what we are feeling, and going deep within, to uncover the source of what we feel, we find it easier to distract ourselves with "thoughts", the thoughts begin to weave stories, stemming from the past experiences, injustices, hurt, pain and even joy. We notice that the energy that is being released, needs a target. Could it be enough if we find an activity that will be helpful in channelling this energy? Probably, but then we need to be prepared to stay in our feelings, right in the middle of them and allow them to dissipate, weeding out the deep embedded impressions. Instead we begin to create our stories, drag others into the play. At a deep sub-conscious level, their is a sense of control, we feel good by making ourselves the hero or the victim, and we find a villain to spew our negative energy.

Being aware of our "dramas", gives us the choice to change our script, make it positive, allow the energy of life to flow and create a new script in very moment. It also helps us in tuning in to the drama of the other. Without allowing ourselves to adopt the role that the other person is trying to assign to us, we hold the space to allow the negative energy to flow around us and not into us.
published in OYE! Times Sep 27, 2010

Monday, September 27, 2010

Living by sharing.

Living by sharing.

Journeying through life, one meets and experiences life moment by moment. These moments consist of interaction with those around us, either strangers passing us by, encounter with an acquaintance, close emotional time with a friend, family or a special someone. In each situation, we interact to observe, explore and learn about ourselves.

In the past two days, I met some friends and acquaintances and some complete strangers. The social friends took great interest in my plans for the upcoming trip to Costa Rica. There was also a sense of curiosity when questions were asked about my life journey. I also heard some aspects of resignation, in the questions asked, sensing that my circumstances or situation somehow allowed me to pursue a more "spiritual" path then theirs. We all carry a sense of inner "knowing", whereby each soul realizes that their journey is for them to experience. The chatter of the analytical mind fogs over this knowing.

Over a communal setting I met complete strangers. We heard beautiful music, songs and music made through the crystal bowls. We also shared an inner awakening through the exploration of a healing ritual. Each conversation and discussion that followed was opening a window into a soul experiencing life.

As we seek peace, contentment and joy in our lives, we navigate and chart our own course, we are our own trailblazers.

published in Oye Times! August 29, 2010